What tools does a start-up use for Video Conferencing

What tools does a start-up use for Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a system that operates with the use of the Internet and replicates face-to-face meetings via the use of technology. The best part about this technology is that you can conduct a meeting over Video Conferencing System without having to move from one place to another. That’s why even if your client or team is operating from some remote area, then also, you can easily conduct a meeting with them in no time.


In the current ecosystem, video conferencing is rapidly becoming a centralized mode of conferencing for the professional domain. The reason is that Video Conferencing is economical, hassle-free, and saves a lot of time.

If we discuss start-ups, then they are shifting their work mode to hybrid or remote mode considering its cost efficiency and productive outcome.

Video conferencing can be carried out in an array of ways. Web cameras can be attached to or assembled into laptops, pads, or home computers. Mobile phones and other integrated mobile devices with camera systems can be used to connect for videoconferencing as well. In such occurrences, a software-based framework usually is used to convey the interaction over internet protocols.

Why start-ups need Video Conferencing tools.

There are certain reasons why start-up companies opt for video conferencing tools. Let’s have a look at a few of the perks associated with these tools.

Enhanced Productivity: Video conferencing helps in enhanced productivity by enabling all the team members to remain focused on the meeting. It has some additional tools, like a whiteboard, which make the meeting more interactive and engaging.

Have better conferencing features: Instead of teleconferencing, Video Conferencing has better interactive options and is best for conducting love meetings. It helps in the enhanced exchange of ideas and communication.

Global Conference: There is no bar to boundaries. You can conduct meetings through the Video Conferencing tools at any place and anytime. All you need is a phone, laptop, or desktop and a stable internet connection. After that, you are set to conduct a meeting with the team from every part of the world.

Cost Efficient: Video conferencing cuts the costs of traveling, arranging off-line meetings, and high-end equipment required for offline large team meetings.

Accessibility: All employees, including those with exceptionalities, can easily access video conference meetings. Live captioning and transcription features enable all types of employees to fully participate in the call by understanding what is being addressed.

What tools does a start-up use for Video Conferencing: A complete guide.


We have already mentioned that Video Conferencing tools are one of the most important tools you will need for your startup. It has dynamic perks and can be efficiently used for both small and large team meetings. But you will know which is the best Videos conferencing tool for your business. In this guide, you will find details on:

📍Video conferencing tools best suited for start-ups.

Some of the top Video Conferencing tools widely used by Startups.

Here is an acclaimed tool for Video Conferencing used by start-ups for economic yet impactful results.


The USP of slack is that it is known to create a Channel for each project separately. You can create a separate space for each project where you can invite your team to collaborate on a project. You can even conduct meetings and discussions using this tool.

If your organization has a subscription workspace that makes use of Slack’s collaborative features, you by now have a few limited videos calling options that may be adequate for basic conferences and team interactions.

Notable Features of Slack:

⦁ Pool participants at one location for a project, which makes the discussion and decision-making process easier and more effective.
⦁ With all the features listed in one place alongside the message archive, you need not shift your tab, which makes the collaboration smooth.
⦁ You can easily collaborate with a team from any corner of the globe. Its endless channels ensure a secure connection and easy communication.

Price: INR 221.41

Cisco WebEx

Cisco can be considered one of the safest video conferencing tools you can ever come across. Its privacy policy is best suited for companies with serious security requirements. Cisco WebEx is a very useful Video Conferencing tool that is also multifaceted. You can use it for training, team meetings, or even for webinars, depending on your requirements.

Notable Features of Cisco WebEx:

⦁ Noise cancellation feature for clear audio and better communication.
⦁ Gesture recognition replicates the real-time meeting, which makes the conversation more interactive and engaging.
⦁ WebEx has a text leave-in feature with auto transcription.

Price: INR 1119.49

Dial pad meeting

Dial pad meeting is a cloud-based Video Conferencing option which is known as HD-quality HD quality conference calls. It also offers local dial-in numbers for any dialing in the US and Canada. It has Screen Sharing features for PPT or Document sharing.

Notable Features of Slack:

⦁ Whether iOS, Android, Laptop, Desktop, or Phone, it is compatible with every device.
⦁ You can collaborate with WebEx with Google Calendar to schedule your meeting and inform your team about the same.
⦁ WebEx makes collaboration with an external team easy so that you never miss a chance to grab a chance of a productive meeting with your team anytime, anywhere.

Price: INR 1243.88

GoTo meeting

GoTo meeting is known to host more than 80 million online meetings on its platform. It is amongst the Top Virtual meetings platform, preferred by most startups. It is optimum for Virtual meetings, team collaboration as well as training. This tool is also compatible with all devices, hence it curtails the restrictions of joining meetings with a laptop or desktop.

Notable Features of Slack:

⦁ You can create a unique link every time you want to conduct a meeting.
⦁ Enable participants to take charge of the presentation by sharing their screens and assisting with meeting administration. You could even share control of the keyboard and mouse.
⦁ You can get a record of your previous meetings which help you get a gist of the meeting if you have missed anything during the meeting.

Google Meet

In 2017, Google split its Gmail and Conference into two different platforms. Since then Google Hangout/Google meet has become a separate platform used by Various Enterprises for conducting online meetings. Meet video meetings are encoded in transit, and a variety of anti-abuse functionalities are installed by default.

Notable Features of Slack:

⦁ It is easy to create a meeting link every time for each meeting separately.
⦁ It has easy join features and you can join from anywhere like Gmail, Google Hangout, or Google Calendar from an email invitation.

Price: 105.32/user

Star Leaf

Star Leaf is known for its personalized meeting experience because it has its API. It has overall compatibility with Windows, iOS as well as Android. Also, if you don’t have an extra budget for a Video Conferencing tool, then Star leaf is the best option for you.

Notable Features of Slack:

You can experience full HD video and wideband audio with the most recent encryption and secure, certificate-based authentication.

Set up and manage fully featured hunt clusters for both audio and video calls, as well as specific extensions or people, quickly and effortlessly.

Price: INR 995.11

EZ Talk Meet

EZ Talk has cutting-edge features with one of the best Video Conferencing protocols for safe and secure meetings. This tool can be used in various sectors, like Education, healthcare, MNC, and so on.

Notable Features of Slack:

⦁ It reliably recreates traditional face-to-face discussion to bring it online on every screen, utilizing ultra-HD video and crystal-clear sound quality.
⦁ A screen-sharing video and whiteboard allow individuals to openly demonstrate their thoughts and proposals while also allowing the users to co-annotate for swift decision-making.

Price: INR 996

Zoho business

It has a combination of both video and audio conferencing options, hence you can use either of them according to your requirements. It also ensures the encryption of the conference for enhanced security.

Notable Features of Slack:

To keep your meetings safe, use toolkits such as Lock meetings & password management.

Conferences and workshops can be started or joined just from your desktop. Forget about time-consuming downloads and burdensome firewalls.

Price: INR 172/month

Skype Business

Skype Business is a combined app that comes along with Microsoft Office 365. The paid version has integrated features like MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint which make Video Conferencing more improved and enhanced.

Notable Features of Slack:

Allow your team members to make things better. Create new solutions to satisfy the needs of your business, or integrate your favorite Microsoft and 3rd party assistance.

Microsoft 365 offers comprehensive access control, administrative functions, and compliance with regulations.

Join. Me

Whether with a group or one-to-one meeting, you can use this tool either way. One of the remarkable features is Join. I am that you can customize and create links according to your business requirements.

The App has easy collaborative features. It can get installed and used on any device irrespective of its processor. It also has a personalized calendar that schedules and sends alerts for scheduled meetings.

Read more blog: The 12 best video conferencing tools for small businesses

Notable Features of Slack:

⦁ Your team members can use Annotate to spotlight, markup, and then use laser pointers to call attention to meeting content.

Blue Jeans

With potential noise-cancellation features, Blue jeans are known for their High-Quality Video and audio conferencing options. With this App, you can connect with hardware as well as software tools like Slack, Facebook Workplace, etc. It displays up to 25 meeting attendees on the screen to have more exclusionary online meeting expertise with a larger group.

Notable Features of Slack:

⦁ Fully automated, real-time audio description, keypad control systems, and graphical interfaces can help users with disabilities.
⦁ Break up online conferences into subgroups for more in-depth discussions. The meeting moderation team can move members through sessions.


No matter if you have a domestic team working remotely or a large team working offshore. Zoom will fit all your requirements. With features like Break rooms, Whiteboard, Screen Sharing, and Dial, Zoom is one of the most preferable platforms of all time for Video Conferencing. It is available in both free and paid versions.

Notable Features of Slack:

⦁ Your conferences can be recorded directly & in the cloud, and the transcripts can be searched.
⦁ Among the features are group chat, advanced search history, interconnected file transfer, and a 10-year archive.

Some more Essential tools for Video Conferencing

Apart from software. There are a few additional tools that you will need for boosting the quality of your Video Conferencing.

Philips’ All-in-One Portable Video Conference Option with Megaphone and 4K HD Camcorder


This Video Conferencing tool is an all-rounder in itself. It can record both video and Audio with advanced clarity and precision. It can function as a Meeting Assistant, by taking real-time notes. With astounding video and audio efficiency, along with 4K high-definition videos, enhanced pan/tilt and zoom, and automatic voice tracking, Philips SmartMeeting Conferencing Solution captures every individual present in the room.

Some notable features

⦁ High-definition 4k camcorder to capture all meeting events in an extremely high-quality illustration.
⦁ 360° recordings with an elevated 4-array mic are assembled for clear meeting audio tapes.
⦁ Zoom and tilt controls for improved visibility of briefing boards/whiteboards.
⦁ A speaker system with high-quality voice atonement is used to eliminate ambiguity in voice messages.
⦁ Portable battery.

Philips PSE0800 Smart Meeting Camera & Soundbar


Philips PSE0800 Smart Meeting Camera & Soundbar is one in all solution for all enterprises looking for an affordable Video Conferencing tool for enhancing the Quality of their Video Conference. The features include:

⦁ Demonstration in 4K UHD
⦁ Experience Full-Duplex and High-Quality Video.
⦁ Superior sound quality and dialogue flow.
⦁ Comprehensive coverage and appropriate framing are available.
⦁ Camera with Automatic Tracking (5X Zoom with Voice tracking ability).
⦁ Wide Angle Lens with No Distortion.



What comes along with the Barco CX – 20 Web Conferencing model? To begin, it is a cordless presentation device with a slew of other features that will take your Video conference experience to a whole new level. How? As you’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits:

⦁ It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 & 10. Also, it is functional on macOS as well as Android.
⦁ 4K Ultra HD Video Quality.
⦁ Can get adjusted according to the Signal strength.
⦁ It has a Kenigsten lock for protecting data.


Now that we have listed down the most popular Video Conferencing tools. You can easily pick up which suits your startup model. The best part is that most of them will fit into your budget while bringing the best outcome more than your expectations. For more, such blogs stay tuned.

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