How Dell is helping save the environment with the help of its backpacks?

Since the beginning, the packaging of products used by the business as well as the backpacks used to carry the gadgets have never been a matter of concern to the producers. However, in recent years, after considering environmental hazards, numerous business giants have chosen to switch to the production of more sustainable materials and products and place them on the market.


Among them, one of the companies is Dell USA. Dell is one of the pioneering technology firms known for taking the lead in the technology market (laptops, printers, etc.). It is one of the leading companies that has pledged to reduce its carbon footprint as well as other greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030.


It has launched a plan named “Dell 2020 Legacy of Good Plan,” where Dell has set some significant environmental milestones to achieve. Dell stated in the strategy that the aforementioned goals are linked with the organisation, influencing its activities, offers, and connections.


To achieve these goals, the company has aimed to use multiple waste materials in different ways, and one of the major products designed to achieve this goal is a Dell backpack for generic and gaming laptops. 


What are the materials recycled by Dell? 


With the responsibility of cutting down on waste and making more sustainable use of it, Dell uses a variety of biowaste as well as chemical waste in the production of new products. Dell’s first pilot project for recycled materials began in Haiti in 2007, and since then it has been working towards curbing the waste. 


Bio-based plastic


The first one is biobased plastics, which are made out of biodegradable materials. Going to waste doesn’t do potential harm to the ecosystem. Dell chose to make plastic products out of it because of its zero-garbage features.


These plastics are made out of castor beans, tall oil, and POM Eco B materials, which makes them more sustainable.


Paper fibres


Other widely available wastes that have the potential to be transformed into useful packaging products are bamboo waste, wood pulp, sugarcane pulp, and fibres. These wastes, instead of going to wastelands, were brought to the Dell Backpack Factories for developing backpacks. 


Recycled Plastic


Dell is also known to use recycled plastic in their bags, especially when designing the outer core of the backpacks. This feature, combined with the polyester fabric, serves as a rain shield. Also, it helps in reducing plastic waste, which otherwise is a potential pollutant and is a major cause of damaging and hampering the ecosystem.


Closed loop Material


Closed-loop materials like aluminium, glass, and plastic are used to create zero-waste products. It means that the chains and the loops made with aluminium are made out of zero waste, and the aluminium or similar thrashes are used entirely for designing a new product. This helps in minimising the existing trash and preventing the generation of new stock.


Ocean bound plastic


Ocean-bound plastics are the core reason for threatening marine life. Also, if you are consuming seafood, then you are possibly ingesting a good amount of microplastics with your food.


To eliminate this threat, Dell has aimed to clean up to 15,000 metric tonnes of marine plastic, use it in producing backpacks, laptops, and other packaging products, and supply it globally.


Recycled polyester fibre 


Polyester is one of the core materials used in a backpack. On top of that, Dell produces its bags using recycled polyester. Recycled polyester, or ‘rPET’, is made via chemical or mechanical processes by obtaining PET, typically made up of scrap plastic containers, organising, cleaning, and fragmenting it into smaller pieces to be turned into thread, which can be further evolved to incorporate achievement innovations such as being able to absorb moisture and control temperature.


Why should you go for Dell EcoLoop Backpacks? 


For placing its sustainable products on the market, Dell has launched all its backpacks under the EcoLoop Series, but why must you choose these bags? What are you going to get out of them? Let’s see below.


  • Backpacks designed out of recycled waste are known to have better durability and sturdiness than others.
  • These bags are breathable, give you better protection from dust, heat, and collisions, and are more condensed.
  • The materials used for cushioning the inner lines of the bags are made of recycled fibres and are known to have better shock absorption.
  • Dell EcoLoop bags have an interlocking facility that allows you to lock your bags, which prevents theft, particularly while travelling.
  • These bags are slim and easy to carry, and they also come in varied sizes. Therefore, you can pick a bag of your choice.


Now, let’s check out a few Dell EcoLoop backpacks available for Indian Consumers. 


Eco-friendly backpacks by Dell and its featuresThe EcoLoop Series 


The EcoLoop series launched by Dell is dedicated to the eco-friendly and sustainable “Dell 2020 Legacy of Good Plan.” We have listed some of the best picks from the EcoLoop series, and you can get your bag from all leading websites. 


Dell EcoLoop Urban Backpack – CP4523G


Dell EcoLoop Urban Backpack - CP4523G


The Dell EcoLoop Urban Backpack is known for its simplistic yet classy looks. Also hailing from the EcoLoop Series, the backpack has some astonishing features.


Created thoughtfully in a sustainable fashion, the outside primary material for this backpack is recycled polyester in its entirety, which may use as much as 90% fewer fossil fuels than virgin polyester while recycling about 7 containers of plastic.


Additionally, it has used 420D ballistic body fabric, which is appropriate for daily usage and could withstand harsh weather.


The Dell EcoLoop Urban Backpack (CP4523G) also has a padded interior and sturdy chains for locking your devices inside. It has numerous pockets and holders for keeping your additional gadgets, like a mobile phone or even a pen.


Dell Pro Slim Backpack 15 (PO1520PS)


Dell Pro Slim Backpack 15 (PO1520PS)


These bags are most appropriate for transporting a 15-inch laptop. Its other characteristics include revolutionary production procedures and designs that emit 97% less greenhouse gases.


Dell Pro Slim Backpack 15 (PO1520PS)


Interiors are made of polyester with a leatherette texture and a covering impermeable to splash. 


Also, soft EVA padding combined with an anti-scratch lining offers shock mitigation and is an effective solution to protect your laptop regardless of how frequently you travel.


It features a separate compartment for the battery or power bank, and you can charge your laptop while it’s in the backpack itself. Additionally, Dell provides a three-year manufacturer defect/damage warranty for consumers.


Dell EcoLoop Pro Backpack 15


Dell EcoLoop Pro Backpack 15


Since Dell has always offered quality with sustainability and performance, the Dell EcoLoop Pro Backpack falls into the same category of high-performing products by Dell.


These backpacks are designed to complement your busy schedule and provide your gadgets with unbeatable protection while safeguarding the environment.


The outside primary cloth is made of 100% ocean-bound pet from roughly 11 plastic bottles that have been recycled and gathered from the sea’s shoreline or significant rivers. It has 840D fabric (nylex) made out of plastic waste. That’s the reason why these bags are ocean cycle certified and are known for protection against crashes and weather.


Dell EcoLoop Pro CP5723 20 L


Dell EcoLoop Pro CP5723 20 L


The Dell EcoLoop Pro CP5723 20 L is big in size and can carry a laptop up to 20” without any struggle. The exterior principal material for this rucksack is made entirely of recycled polyester, which uses up to 90% less fossil fuels than virgin polyester while recycling around 15 plastic containers.


This bag has multiple sections that are used to carry a laptop as well as additional gadgets like a charger and power bank. You can even charge your laptop on the go while travelling because the interior is spacious enough to provide a connection between the power bank and the laptop.


Also, the Nylex used for the outer coverage is produced from reused plastic, and the interior has pulp fibres; therefore, this bag is no less than the epitome of sustainability.


Dell EcoLoop Essential Backpack 14-16


Dell EcoLoop Essential Backpack 14-16


Dell EcoLoop Essential Backpack 14-16 doesn’t have just one feature but countless, which makes it outshine all the other products.


  1. The solution-dyeing procedure for polyamide produces approximately 97% fewer emissions of greenhouse gases, ecological effects, and carbon footprints than standard dyeing procedures.
  2. The exterior primary fabric is produced from completely recycled plastic, roughly 8 reused plastic bottles.
  3. The packing consisted of fully recycled materials in the hanging tag, hang loop, and plastic container.
  4. 360º foam PC padding, resistance to water, and durable 400D core fabric.
  5. Enormous central section with a big full-access aperture.
  6. Customised cushioned laptop case.
  7. Built-in accessory organiser. Front compartment with a zipper for immediate use.
  8. There are two mesh pockets on the sides. The rucksack features reflective elements on both the front and rear.
  9. Lightweight, with a flexible strap for carrying and cushioned back area.


Dell EcoLoop Pro Sleeve 15-16


Dell EcoLoop Pro Sleeve 15-16


What makes the Dell EcoLoop Pro Sleeve 15-16 stand out and make it preferable? Well, that is Nylex Lining. The outer lining made of Nylex is scratch-resistant and provides protection against spills, bumps, and scratches.


Fits the majority of Dell laptops that are larger than 16″ except the Dell G Gaming laptop, Alienware, and Dell Rugged Laptop Edition.


These bags are also made up of ocean-bound plastic and are ocean-cycle certified. However, this certification is only provided for the uppermost layer of the briefcase. Also, it is comparatively light in weight and can be carried easily, even in crowded areas.


Dell EcoLoop Pro Classic Briefcase 14


Dell EcoLoop Pro Classic Briefcase 14


Since Dell EcoLoop Pro Classic Briefcase 14 falls under the EcoLoop series, it is proudly known to have used around 8 plastic bottles in its production cycle. These plastics are all sourced from the coastline and are used to weave the rPET Nylex, which is scratch- and spill-resistant.


It uses the solution dyeing process, which significantly cuts down on the usage of fossil materials, which would otherwise be used if freshly dyed. Also, it has a zipper, front and rear pockets, and charger mesh for maximum utility. Additionally, it is lightweight and has an EVA+ cushion for eliminating and reducing the impact of shock from external tremors.


Dell EcoLoop Pro Slim briefcase 15 


Dell EcoLoop Pro Slim briefcase 15 


Best Suited for 15.6-inch laptops, the Dell EcoLoop Pro Slim Briefcase 15 is another benchmark product in Dell’s EcoLoop product line.


It has a 6000D lining, which provides the best protection against external damages, and the polyester foam is derived from 100% reusable plastic, which justifies its tag of being eco-friendly.


The Dell EcoLoop Pro Slim briefcase 15 has a central compartment for a laptop, alongside an organiser, front and rear zipper pockets, a padded tablet pocket, and an accessories compartment. Hence, we can safely refer to it as a mini office on the go, and you can carry all your essentials in just one bag.




Dell backpacks are not only premium in quality and standards but are also supporting environmental causes and helping to cut down on clutter in the ecosystem. Also, these backpacks are lightweight, ergonomic, mobile, and durable.

Alongside that, these bags have an affordable price tag and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Hence, if you support sustainability and are still looking for quality backpacks for your laptops and gadgets, nothing can beat Dell’s backpack.

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