What makes Dell backpacks unique from others?

Dell backpacks

Dell is one of the well-known companies dealing with electronics and similar products. The company is known to place high-quality laptops and other gadgets in association with Dell.


In this era of portable office options, laptops have become the most preferred gadgets because they can be easily carried to the office and brought back home. However, for that, you need a perfect laptop bag. However, it might not be easy for you to find a laptop bag that is durable, lightweight, easy to carry, matches your style, and provides optimum protection for your laptop.


To serve these purposes, Dell has introduced a vast range of laptop bags. These bags are known for their high functionality and best performance in providing overall protection to your laptop, which helps them last a long time. But why do you need a Dell bag for your gadgets and want to set it apart from other bags? Let’s find out.


Why do you need a backpack so unique? 


You must be thinking about why you need a laptop bag that has such top-notch quality and why you must be investing in it. Then let us tell you what you will be getting with Dell backpack bags. 


Enhanced Protection.


While carrying your laptop, it is important to ensure that your gadgets are well protected. These gadgets are not only expensive but also require protection from factors like drops, leaks, dirt, scuffs, and theft. A quality rucksack can accomplish exactly that.


Dell backpacks have a separate laptop cushion. It protects the device you’re using from unwanted collisions and crashes. Furthermore, many backpacks include integrated locks and pockets that help protect your electronic device from burglars when you aren’t present.


Better Organised 


If you have a bag with more than one compartment, then it becomes easier to organize your belongings. Also, while carrying your gadgets, you can’t take the risk of cluttering your backpack because it can damage your gadgets. There is a good backpack.


An excellent backpack needs to include a minimum of one space dedicated to your laptop as well as additional compartments to keep your charger, cellphone, and eyeglasses, and the Dell backpack gives you just that.


More Comfort.


Dell backpacks have cushioned insoles in their straps, which offer you comfort while carrying your laptop. These straps and backpacks are designed to distribute the weight equally on both shoulders, which lessens the burden and makes it easy to carry even for a longer distance. Hence, opting for a Dell backpack is always a better choice than the others available on the market.


Incredibly Stylish. 


Backpacks for laptops come in a variety of sizes and patterns. This implies that you will not have to choose between style and utility; you can have both! In addition, you can choose from a variety of possibilities, so you are not limited to one type. Also, Dell backpacks come with a rain cover, which prevents exposure to rain, thus protecting your laptop from any potential damage.


Seamless Portability 


It is challenging to carry a laptop or other gadgets for a long distance, particularly when you are communicating at your workplace. In that scenario, there’s a probability that you might damage your gadgets; hence, what will work better than having a Dell backpack?


Also, by carrying your gadgets or other electronic products in bags, your hands become free. Furthermore, device backpacks frequently include slings designed to balance the heft of the laptop uniformly, which makes it easier to carry.


What makes Dell backpacks unique from others


If you are racking your brain about what makes a Dell backpack unique and better than others we have listed down a few Dell bags for you with their features and other aspects important for you to know. 


Dell Gaming Backpack 17


Dell Gaming Backpack 17


The Dell Gaming Backpack 17 is one of the top-notch backpacks you will ever need to carry your electronics. One of the best in the backpack league, here are a few things you need to know about it.


The Dell Gaming Backpack 17 is made of heavy-duty fabrics, which are known to protect against adverse weather (heat, rain, etc.). Additionally, the strong padding reduces the friction of your gaming gear.


On the interior, there is a laptop case for lugging your Dell G Series laptop to LAN events and playtime events, as well as a substantial compartment for storing documents, notes, and critical gaming equipment, such as a pair of headphones on the built-in attachment-and-loop headphone clip.


A zippered mesh pouch at the very top holds compact devices, while various additional compartments and pen holders help you organise stationery. A pair of elastic slots on the side may store an insulated beverage and an umbrella as well. You can buy this Dell backpack for INR 3,499/-.


Dell EcoLoop Premier Backpack 15


Dell EcoLoop Premier Backpack 15


The best part about the Dell EcoLoop Premier Backpack 15 is its eco-friendly nature. It’s the ultimate partner for the conscious traveller, created using a polyester solution-dyeing technique that produces as much as 97% less carbon footprint, water effect, and energy consumption than previous procedures.


The EVM Foam, used in the Dell EcoLoop Premier Backpack 15, creates an anti-scratch surface and also helps reduce shock from falling and other forms of collision, ensuring minimal damage to your laptop.


Another striking feature is a portable charger pocket. It will allow you to charge your laptop while you are running an errand or travelling with your laptop on your back. Also, it can hold up to 15” laptops, which are ideal for work.


The Dell EcoLoop Premier Backpack 15 has extra compartments, which allow you to carry your additional work essentials, like a thermos, pen, headset, etc. Which not only makes it spacious but comfortable. Again, Dell offers a 3-year damage recovery warranty on it, making it safe for you to buy. 


Dell EcoLoop Premier Slim Backpack 15- PE1520PS


Dell EcoLoop Premier Slim Backpack 15- PE1520PS


Just like its preceding model, the Dell EcoLoop Premier Slim Backpack 15-PE1520PS is also known for its delicate looks, unmatched features, commendable comfort, and easy portability option without weighing a ton.


The best part about the Dell EcoLoop Premier Slim Backpack 15-PE1520PS is that it has a double-layered polyester fabric cover, which ensures that no water or dust seeps through the fabric, thus keeping your gadgets clean.


Also, it has features like charging on the go because you can attach your charger to your laptop by keeping it in your pocket just above the laptop case. The majority of devices have screens that measure up to 15.6″ (maximum PC measurement: 14.96″ x 10.24″ x 0.98″). The Dell EcoLoop Premier Slim Backpack 15-PE1520PS weighs around 0.87 kg, which makes it a perfect choice for a long journey, as it will be easy to carry on your back. 


Dell Roller Backpack 15


Dell Roller Backpack 15


The Dell Roller Backpack 15 is another breakthrough product launched by Dell in its Backpack range. It has a similar polyester coverage with two layers, which is best to eradicate all sorts of spills and dirt.


Also, it has the EVM form for protecting the gadgets against minor to moderate shock, which might damage your laptop if you are carrying it in a go-to laptop bag.


The best part about the Dell Roller Backpack 15 is that you don’t only carry it in your pack; you can also convert it into a rolling bag, in case you are feeling the extra weight on your back or are exhausted from carrying it for a long time.


If you are someone who travels a lot and is looking for a backpack that is both feasible and comfortable, then you can go with the Dell Roller Backpack 15. 


Dell EcoLoop Urban Backpack 14-16



Dell EcoLoop Urban Backpack 14-16

Why should you choose Dell EcoLoop Urban Backpack 14-16 over others? Look at these few points and then you will be able to answer it yourself. 


  • Dell has used sustainable materials in its backpack and has designed the bag using 100% recycled content, including the hang tag, loop, and plastic bags.
  • In the making of the Dell EcoLoop Urban Backpack 14-16, the company has used 420D ballistic body fabric, which makes it durable and best suited for daily usage and weathering.
  • The 14-16 refers to the size of the laptop screen that can be placed and carried in this bag. Emphasising the fact that, using this bag, you can carry a large laptop with ease without fear of damage.
  • The Dell EcoLoop Urban Backpack 14-16 offers versatile usage. It is not only useful for the office. You can even carry it to the gym or on outings.
  • The bag has an air mesh, which provides ventilation for your gadgets and protects them against excessive heat and damage, particularly in hot weather.




Now that we have analysed the features of the Dell bag, and their usage, you must have realised why the Dell backpack is unique and serves you better than any Backpack available. Also, if you are looking for more such content then stay tuned to our page. 

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