Laptop bags you need to keep an eye out for!

Laptop bags you need to keep an eye out for

With the whole world going digital, technology has become a huge part of our everyday lives. It enables us to stay connected with our loved ones and subsequently even our work. It seems that with everyone in a rush these days we find ourselves constantly at the beck and call of our phones and laptops – even while traveling.

As technology has evolved so have our desktops making them extremely viable to travel with. Traveling with your digital gadgets should always come with ease and functionality that will also protect them. For this reason, we have wound up a list of some of the best laptop bags that are not just convenient but also look good!

How do you choose the right one for you?

Choosing your laptop with care is important for it will carry some of your most essential items. Before looking at different bags, identify what exactly are your needs when it comes to traveling with your laptop. What would be the main purpose of your bag? Is it to commute within your city, nationally, or internationally? Are you going to need the bag for work, school, or just to travel?

How often would you end up using the bag? These questions may seem trivial but they end up being quite detrimental to choosing your right bag.

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Some things to factor in while choosing your laptop bag


● The Size – This is one of the most obvious things to consider. You need a bag that will fit all your particulars. If you tend to carry several items with you then a bag with sleeves and compartments is the best suited.
● The Type – From classic messenger bags to classic-style bags, and even waterproof backpacks; you can choose from a variety of styles but it all boils down to your individual need. What kind of a traveler are and which type of bag seems the most comfortable to you?
● The Cost – With variety also comes the ranges in which laptop bags are available. Deciding how much you wish to spend on your laptop should be one of the first steps you take on this journey.

Top Laptop Bags

Here is a roundup of some of the best laptop bags that we believe you should get your hands on. At My Laptop Spares, we provide all the necessary accessories for your digital gadgets to make your experience better.

  1. Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack
    One of the best travel bags out, the Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack is perfect for whether when you are commuting within the city or living flying out every weekend. With extra storage space for any cords and several pockets, it has a beautifully organized interior. It is extremely comfortable to carry and comes with lockable zippers, making it easy to travel with.
  2. Kodiak Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag
    Not only perfect for daily use, but the Kodiak Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag is also a classy-looking bag with internal pockets and storage space – making it a great travel accessory. This large sling can easily fit in a 15-inch laptop, files, and several small items. The bag comes with a removable cross-body and shoulder strap, creating ease when you travel. This messenger bag lasts through years and can weather any storm. The bag comes with a waterproof thermoplastic liner and flap corners that fold into place for weatherproofing.
  3. Fjallraven Kanken No. 2 Laptop Pack
    Looking for a bag that makes travel easy and convenient? With padded shoulder straps, the Fjallraven Kanken is the perfect combination of trendy and stylish. With a double zip closure, padded sleeves, and resistance to water and dirt, it is a fine carry-on while traveling – no matter
    where you are headed.
  4. Mystery Ranch 3-Way Expandable Briefcase
    Possibly the most practical laptop bag out there! This expandable briefcase has a zippered main compartment, a separate laptop compartment, and multiple accessory pockets. With a rugged look, it also has cushioned backpack straps for when needed. Another plus point? It is completely TSA-friendly!
  5. Estarer Laptop Messenger Bag
    It’s true that it is often difficult to find a laptop bag that can comfortably fit in a large laptop. However, the Estarer Laptop Messenger Bag can easily fit a laptop up to 17.3 inches! It is made from a water-resistant canvas and has a front flap that provides easy access to the zippered compartment beneath. The anti-theft pocket is ideal for safekeeping your passport and credit cards.


There are plenty of laptop bags out there, made specifically to suit your needs. There are a few recommended by us. Visit My Laptop Spares to uncover a range of laptop bags – from different styles, sizes, materials, and looks. Find the one best suited for you today!

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