Different types of Dell backpacks and their features

types of Dell backpacks

Today’s time requires you to commute a lot for your professional requirements or even for your call. You are supposed to carry your office (laptop, etc.) at your back, which puts it at risk of damage. That’s the time when you rush to the workplace with a backpack carrying all your loads while having to protect your gadgets from any potential damage that can occur to them.


In this day and age of portable workplace solutions, laptops are now increasingly popular equipment since they are easy to transport to and from work. Nevertheless, you will want a suitable laptop bag. But it may be difficult for you to locate a laptop bag that is robust, lightweight, easy to transport, and complements your style while offering maximum protection for the computer it holds.


When we begin talking about backpacks, particularly for your gadgets (laptops, gaming consoles, Notepads, etc.), then nothing can compare with the everlasting and one of its kinds Dell backpacks. These backpacks by Dell are known to have features that not only make them suited for multipurpose usage but also provide the protection needed by your gadgets.


What makes Dell backpack so outstanding 


If you are wondering whether or not you should buy a Dell backpack, then perhaps you don’t have any idea about the features it has to offer you. Therefore, without further delay let’s dive right into the information you need to know. 


Flexible and Easly Portable 


While carrying your laptop on your back you might have felt the additional weight of the backpack in which you have placed your gadget. It is difficult to carry a heavy weight on your back particularly when you are travelling for a long distance. 


In such scenarios, the light weight of the Dell backpack makes it an ideal choice. The weight of these bags ranges between 750 grams to 1 kg which makes them pretty lightweight compared to their contemporaries. 


Incomparable protection


When transporting your laptop, your devices must be properly safeguarded. These devices are not only pricey, but additionally necessitate prevention from drops, water intrusion, filth, scrapes, and thievery. A good backpack can do all of that.


Dell bags feature an additional laptop cushion. It safeguards your device against accidental scrapes and mishaps. Likewise, several backpacks have built-in locks and compartments that safeguard your gadgets from intruders while you are not around.


Well Organised


Who doesn’t want their belongings to be well organised and less cluttered particularly when they are in a professional setting? Won’t it work to have a backpack which has more than one compartment for not just organising your belongings but even allowing you to charge your gadgets on the go? 


A top-notch backpack ought to have at least one place allocated to your laptop, plus extra spaces to store your power bank, mobile and sunglasses, and the Dell bag does exactly that.


Stunning Style 


With a range of different shapes and styles as well as outstanding visual qualities, Dell backpacks stand out as one of the slimmest, most comfortable, yet most suitable backpacks for your gadgets. Starting from 15” space and going on to 18” space and further, it is both spacious and pretty to the eyes at the same time.


Are you still thinking about investing in it while we have listed enough of the features? Then we have more for you.


Highly Comfy


Dell backpacks have straps that are designed as “S” to distribute the weight equally on both of your shoulders. Also, it has padded cushions, which don’t cause stress on your shoulder, preventing it from causing pain.


 Also, you can use the rain cover in case you get stuck in the rain. Lastly, you can turn it into a trolley (features available in a few models), and you can easily stroll it without having to carry it on your back.


Fits in the budget 


What is better than a backpack packed with outstanding features, yet you can own it without burning a hole in your pocket? Dell backpacks start at INR 2000, which is pretty much a good deal.


So, for someone who is looking for the best bags for laptops while on a tight budget, then nothing could be better than Dell.


Dell backpacks to own and their features. 


Let’s have a close look at the Dell backpack models available at the store and how you can benefit from them. We have enlisted the features so that you can make your pick easily. 


Dell EcoLoop Pro backpack 15


Dell EcoLoop Pro backpack 15


These bags are best suited for carrying your 15” laptop. Its other features include:



  1. Dell EcoLoop Pro backpack 15 uses innovative manufacturing processes and creates designs with 97% less greenhouse emissions.
  2. Its interiors are designed using polyester with a leather finish and a coating of water-resistant polymers.
  3. Soft EVA padding coupled with an anti-scratch interior provides shock absorption and an efficient way to safeguard your laptop no matter how much you get around.
  4. It has a separate room for keeping your charger or power bank, and you can recharge your laptop while it is in the bag itself.


Dell Essential Backpack 15 


Dell Essential Backpack 15 


Designed with reflective prints on the front panel, the bag stands out even when you place it in the dark. What else? Check here


  1. Excellent space for storing your laptop along with all you’re going to require for the day’s activities.
  2. When you put the handset inside the zippered frontal compartment and put your beverage container and parasol in the exterior compartments, you’ll have everything you need within range.
  3. It can easily store a 15” laptop while giving it the optimum protection that is necessary for the gadget. At the same time, it just weighs around 0.99 lbs (around 449 g), which makes it pretty lightweight.
  4. It is suitable for carrying 1 laptop or 2 tablets at a time without causing damage. 


Dell EcoLoop Urban Backpack 14-16




EcoLoop Urban Backpack 14-16 not only takes care of the consumer but the environment as well.


  1. These bags are made of recycled polyester, which is equivalent to recycling 7 plastic bottles, thus reducing the carbon footprint.
  2. The backpack employs 420D ballistic shell polyester to resist wear and tear caused by regular use while backing up with a three-year extended warranty.
  3. Mesh pockets are given on both sides of the bags for placing water bottles, umbrellas, or other such additional materials.
  4. It weighs 540 g, which makes it ideal for long journeys.


Dell 17 Inch Gaming Backpack-GM1720PM




If you are a gaming enthusiast and own a number of gadgets to support your gaming consoles, then you need to get this backpack right away. The Dell 17-Inch Gaming Backpack (GM1720PM) is a boosting combination of look and performance. You will get a stunning-looking backpack paired with an ample amount of space and state-of-the art protective features. If you are wondering what features we are talking about, have a look below. 


Dell 17-Inch Gaming Backpack


The best protection possible


Known to ensure the safety of your gadgets, the Dell 17-Inch Gaming Backpack-GM1720PM is designed with heavy-duty fabrics and padded lining in the interiors. These features together make the bag shockproof and provide a shield against all kinds of possible damage. Hence, whenever you are on a travel spree, you can pick it up without hesitation. Also, whenever you get caught in the rain, you can pull out the deployable rain cover to provide maximum protection against spillage. 


Plenty of space


On the inside, there is a huge space for placing your laptop, and in addition to that, it has a headset space with a hook and loop for keeping your headset fastened in one space. It also has a zippered mesh for placing all your small accessories, like key rings, wired earphones, etc. Also, the bag has multiple pockets for organising accessories like umbrellas and water bottles, so you don’t have to carry an additional backpack for these items. 




These Dell laptop backpacks offer multiple lugging choices for optimal ease. The top-mounted grab grip allows for simple movement, and two S-shaped shoulder harnesses adhere to the body’s curves for extra assistance. The middle part of the sternum strap, featuring a quick-release latch, enables easy adjustment for enhanced weight distribution and travel convenience.


Highly comfortable and safe 


The Dell 17-Inch Gaming Backpack has a hair mesh that allows air to pass through it. The air mesh keeps the gadgets cool even in hot weather, thus keeping your gears safe from any sort of heat damage. It even has reflective prints at the back, which reflect light from the headlight in case you are travelling in the dark. This prevents unwanted collisions with the vehicle. 




The gaming laptop case is suitable for Dell G Series PCs and fits your computer snugly. The tough-to-damage impermeable design, separate laptop pouch, a multitude of ancillary compartments, and luminous elements make this Dell Gaming Backpack the ideal choice for your video game vacation requirements.


Dell Pro Slim Backpack 15 (PO1520PS) notebook carrying backpack


Dell Pro Slim Backpack 15


Dell has introduced a range of ergonomic backpacks for its consumers, and the Dell Pro Slim Backpack PO1520PS is one of them. Not only does it provide the ultimate protection and comfort to you, but it also earns brownie points by being eco-friendly. Secure your notebook, iPad, and other items with the ecologically conscious Dell Pro Slim Backpack 15 (PO1520PS). Created with eco-friendly solution-dying technologies that produce ninety percent fewer pollutants, 62% fewer carbon dioxide emissions, and require 29% fewer resources than standard dyeing methods. An impermeable protective covering guarantees that your electronics stay dry in severe conditions.


15-inch laptop


It has a dedicated pocket for placing a 15-inch laptop alongside it; additional pouches and net mesh are given for keeping all the accessories and small items in the bag. You can keep your mouse, headphones, power bank, etc. Also, you can charge your laptop on the go because it has ample space for connecting your laptop to your power bank. 




From here you must have got the much-needed insight about the Dell backpacks. Now you can pick the bag best suited to your requirements. Also, for more such content follow us. 

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