The 12 best video conferencing tools for small businesses

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The goal of Video Conferencing is to simulate a face-to-face meeting. A desktop or a laptop, as well as a webcam and a microphone, are required for video conferencing. To make the session more interesting and informative, you can incorporate interactive technologies such as a whiteboard. The term Video Conferencing, on the other hand, refers to virtual face-to-face meetings with a computer.


Post-pandemic, the mode of working at numerous small and large companies has shifted to online or hybrid mode. Therefore, your company must invest in equipment that fosters collaboration irrespective of a staff’s location.

However, video conferencing tools are not always inexpensive, and snazzy gongs and buzzers aren’t always required for small businesses seeking a simple, viable method. That’s why, to assist you in selecting the ideal fit for your requirements, we’ve put together a list of 12 of the finest video conferencing tools for start-ups, sorted by price and attributes.

The 12 best video conferencing tools for small businesses: A guide to help you  choose your right fit

We have already mentioned that Video Conferencing is more like 1-1 discussion with a team. Therefore, it requires exceptional-quality audio and video during the call. But when we talk about small businesses, then your focus is to bring those Video Conferencing tools on the shelf which are not only top-notch in quality but are affordable. But the question is, how will you find the right fit for your business? This is what we are planning to answer here. In this guide, you will discover:

📍 Audio – Visual hardware tools for Video Conferencing.

How Video Conferencing tools are important for small businesses

Small businesses usually have small teams in the beginning and there is a need for constant collaboration with the team members. Installing costly conferencing equipment might not seem feasible and can incur extra costs for the company. Hence, it is important to use tools that are not only tech friendly but are feasible yet equally well performing. These tools can be both software and hardware tools. So make sure to read our blog carefully before you move to purchase a video conferencing tool.

Conferencing tools you can use for your business

Find the best handpicked, most affordable, and reliable Video Conferencing tools for enhancing the experience of your upcoming video meeting with your team, and thank us later.

1.  All-in-One Portable Video Conference Solution With Microphone and 4K HD Camera- Philips

This is a tool that holds the complete universe of Video Conferencing in itself. Philips SmartMeeting Conferencing Solution catches every individual present in the room with incredible video and audio quality, including 4K high-definition video, enhanced pan/tilt and zoom, and automatic voice tracking.

High-performing features of Philips Conference Solution With Microphone and 4K HD Camera

  • High-definition 4k camera to record all the activities of the meeting in an extensively high-quality image…For clear meeting recordings, 360° recordings with a high-quality 4-array microphone are assembled.
  • Zoom and tilt control for aiding clear vision of presentation boards/Whiteboards.
  • Loudspeaker with high-quality voice redemption for eliminating ambiguousness in Audio-only messages.
  • Portable battery.

Price: INR 60,000/-

2. Philips Video Conference Camera | 2K Ultra HD | Fixed Webcam PSE0520

A new-age video conferencing solution that can be paired with all the new-age Video Conferencing software. It will enhance your meeting experience.  Better visualization improves communication. As a webcam, it has a lot more to offer than you can imagine.

Highlights of Webcam PSE0520 by Philips

Ultra HD 2K Definition Videos: It offers business-level video, and high-quality Visuals capturing all the details is the epitome of visual wonders. It captures the real-time picture with clear sound and body language, which makes the meeting more interactive.

Automated Light fixing unit: Don’t bother about the picture quality of light saturation during a web conference. The PSE0520 has your back. It fixes the light according to the requirement for a clear picture.

Optical lenses with high precision: high-quality remote conversation solution, the multi-angle realization of a comfortable discussion with crystal clear audio and image, and excellent online communication for you that will amaze the audience in no time!

Dual stereo Microphone for High Sound Quality: The best part of it is its noise cancellation features. It actively cancels all the noises and echoes from your speech to boost the audio quality during the conference.

Highly Compatible with all devices: It can be easily installed and can be paired with all portable and nonportable systems (laptops & desktops) for increased efficiency.

Horizontal and Vertical Display (HD): There’s no need to be concerned about platform viewing modes. It facilitates vertical video imaging devices. It also provides a high-definition visual experience with horizontal or vertical synchronization!

Price: INR 14,000 – 15,000

3. Philips PSE0800 Smart Meeting Camera & Soundbar

#Integrated system with collective features of audio and video.

  • It has a 120-degree Ultra wide angle for capturing video of every participant.
  • Auto Focus with 5X Zooms promises unmatchable video quality.
  • Comes with a 6m long-distance pickup.
  • It also has a 2*7W high-fidelity speaker for incomparable audio Quality.

Some additional features

  • 4K UHD Presentation
  • Full-Duplex and High-Quality Video Experience.
  • Excellent Sound Quality and Smooth Conversation.
  • Full Coverage and Proper Framing.
  • Auto Tracking Camera (5X Zoom with Voice tracking ability).
  • Distortionless Wide Angle Lens.

Price:: INR 1,28,000

4. Barco ClickShare CX-20

What do you get with this Video Conferencing model Barco CX – 20? To begin with, it is a wireless presentation system and has a bunch of other benefits which will elevate your Conferencing experience to the next level. How? Because you will get to experience the following features:

  • It will convert small conference rooms and huddle areas into captivating conference spaces.
  • Complete BOYD support.
  • It can collaborate from a remote distance.
  • Compatible with every device and have a wide range of peripherals.
  • Secured/data privacy.
  • Cloud storage and management.
  • You can use it with the collaboration of conferencing software with ease.
  • Also, it is lightweight (900 grams), easily portable, and can collaborate with all kinds of devices.
  • You will get the video quality of 4K UHD (3840*2160) @ 30Hz. HDMI 1.4b. Viola! It will give you an unmatchable visual experience.
  • It will work on the Local Area network as well as Wifi. So won’t face network connectivity issues

Price: INR 1,75,000

5. Barco ClickShare CX-30


Barco CX-30 has Few additional features compared with its Barco CX-20 version. So what you will be getting with this wireless Conferencing tool? Discover below:

  • Thorough BOYD backing.
  • It is capable of remote collaboration.
  • Compatibility with all devices and a wide range of peripherals
  • Data security/privacy
  • Storage and management in the cloud.
  • It is useful for small as well as medium size conferencing rooms.
  • Compatible with your laptop, conferencing console (UC), and peripheral brand
  • It is also compact (900 g), portable, and compatible with a wide range of devices.
  • You will get 4K UHD (3840*2160) video quality at 30Hz. HDMI 1.4b. Viola! It will provide you with the best vivid image possible.

Price: INR 2,26,000

6. Polycom RealPresence Group 700

#Polycom RealPresence Group 700 has some breathtaking features which make it irresistible. If you wish to add the best experience to your video conferencing, then this one’s for you. Let’s see the details of its features:

Clear Visuals and Eagle Eye monitoring: It has advanced facial recognition technology and its wide frame keeps all the participants in the visuals.

Real presence touch: You can connect with any participants with just one touch.

High Acoustic quality: Echo and noise cancellation features keep the audio audible and crisp.

Compatible with top-ranking Video Conferencing software: It can collaborate well with software like Zoom and Blue Jeans.

Polycom Pano: enables wireless communication between 4 participants at the same time, including annotating and whiteboarding.

7. Cisco Webex DX80

#Cisco WebEx DX80 It has a 23-inch screen with a webcam for seamless communications. It is developed exclusively as a desktop collaboration hub with High definition video and audio (primarily as personal video conferencing). Let’s go through the features:

  • Single-touch meeting entry
  • The camera is flexible and can cover a 120° frame seamlessly.
  • It is compatible only with Cisco DX80 spark boards.
  • The Cisco Webex DX80 Room operating system is simple to use and allows for annotating and whiteboarding.

Price: INR 1,93,533

8. Avaya XT5000

Avaya XT5000
Avaya XT5000 is more like a large conference room gadget. However, it will work well with you if you have a comparatively large team on board. The features you will discover in this conferencing device are:

  • For ease of installation, an embedded nine-way multi-party calling Codec and camera wall mount are included.
  • Microsoft Exchange email and logbook server interoperability

Price: INR 6,47,810 – INR 8,09,762

9. Lifesize Icon 700

Lifesize Icon 700 is one brand that is suitable for both large and small teams. Its features incorporate all those outstanding features like:

  • 4K Ultra HD Visuals.
  • Active Noise-canceling features powered by Opus Audio.
  • Easy touch control features.
  • Crisp and Clear maximum zooming capabilities.

Price: INR 6,07,420

10. Logitech MeetUp


  • Auto framing with full audience/participants coverage.
  • Seamless Interoperability with Skype for Business, Microsoft Cortana, and Cisco Jabber.
  • Highly Compatible with Video Conferencing software including Lifesize Cloud, BlueJeans, Broadsoft, Vidyo, Fuze, and Zoom
  • Portable and easily accessible to every corner of your meeting room.

Price: INR 72,797

11. Polycom CX5100

  • It has a 360° camera with full coverage and voice tracking features for unmatched audibility.
  • The output of a panoramic video stream
  • Audio processing at frequencies ranging from 160Hz to 22kHz.
  • Compatibility with software including Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

Price: INR 4,04,181

12. AVer EVC950

This model functions as a 10-site embedded MCU for conference facilities cabins. Each one provides 1080p resolution and superior audio across 10 sites for a huge, well-connected corporation.

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Detailed Features of AVer EVC950

  • Camera with 18x total zoom and quick high-resolution picture production.
  • Layout switch to the speaker via voice command.
  • One-touch recording to keep the record of the session.
  • Users can access an annotation app.

Price: INR, 7,28,705


Now that we have assembled all the pocket-friendly yet high-performing Video Conferencing tools. We believe that you must have found your Video Conferencing solution with us. Our primal aim is to bring such feasible tech solutions to you. So stay tuned with us for more such informative content.

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