Philips Smart Meeting Devices

Philips Smart Meeting Devices

In this age of remote work, hybrid meetings, and global connectivity, the demand for adaptable and user-friendly meeting technology has never been greater. Philips, a name synonymous with innovation and quality, has come up to meet this challenge with a range of intelligent solutions that promise to redefine your meeting experience. Phillips has some of the most budget-friendly and highly sophisticated meeting devices which you can get for your conference rooms. 

Before we dive deep into the advantages of smart meeting rooms, let’s define what they are. Smart meeting spaces are meetings and event spaces that use technology to make gatherings more stimulating and productive. Now let’s understand the advantages they bring to the table for the users.

  • Smart meeting devices make the meeting more engaging, and the use of technologically advanced products enhances the experience by improving the quality of Visuals, Audio and Presentation. 
  • Setting up high-quality audio and video systems in the meeting spaces allows you to organize mixed-media conferences that feel welcoming to both in-office and offshore staff members.
  • Leveraging the proper technology will assist you in preserving time, cutting travel costs, and simplifying the conference organizing procedure.
  • Sessions can be recorded and sent to others who are unable to make it using smart rooms for conferences.
  • Usage of these devices declutter the noise and record the audio to a very high standard. Noise-cancellation features are often embedded in these devices. 

Philips smart meeting devices: Video tools to fit  your conference requirements 

Phillips has a wide range of smart conference devices which fit all kinds of meeting requirements. Be it a small meeting or a large one, the in-house conference or offshore conference, it has the perfect Video Conferencing device according to your needs. 

Philips PSE0520


This video device is known to add some of the great Live Visuals to your conference. You will get high visuals with a 2K Definition- Ultra HD camera. 

It has intelligent focusing which will capture every single individual in the room with correct lighting and posture, providing you with interactive body language. 

High-precision optical lenses will generate the videos by capturing all the lights and every other minute detail, making the meeting feel real. 

Also, the Dual Stereo with 2K Ultra HD sound capture is known to capture the voice and provide you with exceptional audible audio. The additional feature includes the Noise Cancellation, which makes sure that whatever you hear, you hear it right. 

Also, you can easily shift from a vertical window screen to a horizontal window screen depending on your requirements, without compromising your video quality.

Philips PSE0550


Additionally, the 4K UHD Camera generates crisp Visuals by capturing details and producing the Visuals with accurate colour reproduction. It has automated meeting action points which save time and allow you to conduct the meeting efficiently. 

It also has an auto-minute feature which takes down notes throughout your meeting, so that you can go through them post-meeting in case you miss something. 

Another feature includes a Voice which helps you differentiate between the speakers, hence eliminating confusion and chaos. 

Lastly, Philips PSE0550 records a video summary that you can check out once the conference is over for reviewing and revising the critical information from the conference. 

Philips PSE0600


Best suited for events like Live Conference, Voice and Video Transcription as well as Live Translation events. It has the best ROI you can expect from a Video Conferencing Solution. 

It has a 2K PAN Tilt Autofocus Camera allowing meeting info visualization for improved collaboration! Ergonomic panel layout, conference record assistance, and a variety of auxiliary features combine to provide a diverse dynamic session!

With 10x optical zoom, rotation pan tilt, 1×2.8″CMOS sensor and a 50W sensitive lens, it has a smart core’s powerful ability, combined with the current discrete pan-tilt. The collaboration gets smoother as it gets faster, quieter, and clearer, with an unobstructed shot following!

With all these features, do you think that you need anything else to improve the Video and Audio Quality of your conference room? 

Philips PSE0600PRO


You must be wondering why you should get Philips PSE0600PRO for your conference room. But before you wonder for long, here’s your answer. 

Whenever you look for a Video Conferencing Solution which is both smart and budget-friendly, then you must be looking for some features suitable to your needs. This Camera has a Pan Tilt and PAN rotation of -170°~+173°/-90°~+90, with 4 Microphone arrays, recording every beat and sound within a diameter of 6-10 metres. 

Also, this has a wide range of dynamics with a video port of USB 2.0*1 and has active noise reduction for better conference experience and to eliminate all issues associated with bad audio during conferences. 

Philips PSE0800


Its camera’s AI-powered auto-framing innovation constitutes one of its most notable characteristics. It accurately recognises the presenter’s motion and adapts the backdrop to keep the attention squarely on the presenter all through the entire meeting. This minimises the requirement for adjustments by hand and offers an expert, cohesive presentation.

Furthermore, the soundbar features a cutting-edge speaker array that produces panoramic audiophiles, letting you feel as if you’re in the same space as your coworkers or clientele. This is particularly essential in online discussions, where excellent and authentic audio can improve interaction and teamwork significantly.

The Philips PSE0800 is developed with cybersecurity in mind given the increasing significance of privacy. It has technologies such as facial identification for encrypted credentials and comprehensive encryption for both audio and video data. This keeps your online interactions private and secure from unauthorised access.

The PSE0800 has an eco-friendly design, in keeping with Philips’ dedication to ecology. It features environmentally friendly technologies and uses very little electricity, especially in sleep mode. It likewise reduces the impact you have on the environment, but it also reduces the price of operations over time.

Philips PSE0600PLUS


Just like its preceding model Philips PSE0600PLUS also offers the best in the market performance with some additional features. These added features make your Video conferencing more seamless and professional than you can ever experience. 

With Philips PSE0600PLUS you will get HD resolution HD resolution-1080p/30fps providing you with crisp and clear images possible with the product of this range. Also, it has smooth PTZ movement for capturing every movement, be it of the speaker’s or the participant’s. 

Also, It has 5 Programmable presets in addition to the Auto Focus which differentiates and Focuses on each participant. Lastly, you can connect it to your wifi for seamless streaming of Videos within your conference room or with the offshore clients/audience as well. 

Philips smart meeting devices: Bluetooth Speakers and Microphone

No Video Conferencing is complete if you don’t have the right Audio tools for pairing with your Video Tools. Also, you might find a range of different audio systems claiming to provide you unmatched Audio experience. But Phillips has some really good Bluetooth Speakers and microphones which do their task perfectly with their top-notch performance during the meeting when paired up with the Phillips VC range. 

Philips PSE0501


As your devoted note-takers, the Philips PSE0501 SmartMeeting Conference Microphone & Phillips Sembly Meeting Assistant attend sessions alongside you. The sophisticated speech-enhancing and noise-filtering algorithms inside the recording device deliver clear and natural-sounding conversations.

It generates automated memos, overviews, and points of action and checklists for you. The system allows you to swiftly and simply determine who stated what after every conference call, regardless of whether you were unable to attend.

You can Quit trying to recall what took place in the previous meeting. Because Philips PSE0501

eliminates the stress out of meet prep by having past session facts readily accessible at your disposal, as well as allowing you to naturally follow up on pertinent talks.

It also keeps care of all the specifics so you may concentrate on the conversation. Sembly’s intelligent AI tracks activities, issues, specifications, and much more to assist you in zooming in on critical topics, whether you missed anything throughout your conversation or simply want to verify certain points from the discussion at hand.

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Philips PSE0500


The first and most important thing to know about the Phillips PSE0500 is that it is portable and can be carried everywhere without any problem. Also, BT wireless connectivity with simple terminal connection and collaboration is supported. Even though the device lacks additional ports, apps may nevertheless be successfully attached.

The best part about Phillips PSE0500 is that it goes well with Windows, iOS or Android. Also, it can be paired with the system irrespective of the app you are using for your conference, as it has high compatibility and functions efficiently with all the apps. 

Additionally, it has a 360° sound pickup within the range of 3m. With 4 sensitive mics, a powerful sound amplifier and an active noise reduction technique, it provides you with the best audio experience. You can either install it in your small to medium-sized conference room or carry it to the other rooms with no need for pre-installed wires and connections. 

Philips PSE0400


Phillips never fails to create an efficient product for their customers and this Phillips PSE0400 is the same. Being a compact speaker you can easily carry it anywhere without adding excessive weight to your laptop. Also, it can be connected using Bluetooth hence playing with the connecting cord is not recommended here.

In addition to that, It has a CPU core and is enabled to pick up the voices from all directions (360°) within a radius of 5 m. Therefore if you are hosting a conference in a medium-sized room then this could be a right pick to begin with. 

Lastly, The noise cancellation features ensure that you listen to every single word that is being spoken in the conference room or by your client. You can get it for INR 17,110 which makes it pretty affordable too. 

Philips PSE0540


Philips PSE0540 has a battery life of 10 hours which helps you with long-hour conferences without needing to charge the battery again. It does everything that an assistant should do, Like attending the meeting and taking notes of everything which is being said so that it can develop go-to minutes once the meetings are over. 

Additionally, It is portable, so that you can shift it from one room to another depending on your requirements and as it uses Bluetooth connectivity it becomes easier to set it up with your device. 

Lastly, it goes well with all the leading conference platforms like Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc, so you don’t need to bother about its compatibility. It can even work as a scheduler or calendar and can call you for the meeting when it is scheduled. 

Philips PSE0540PRO


The Phillips PSE0540PRO comes with features like a Superior microphone for excellent sound comprehension

Bluetooth or USB plug-and-play connection for easy integration

Compact style and a robust battery allow for mobile conferences. It will help you increase your conference timing and efficiency which you might not find in other products. 

Also, it has an automated system for both calling the participants for a meeting as well as joining a meeting, which saves your time and allows you to multitask. Additionally, it records the session with precision so that you can go through the meeting discussion even after it has ended a long time back. 

Philips PSE0401

With Phillips PSE0401 A large number of currently available virtual video conferencing applications are supported.

Phillips video collaboration device lines are unique for customer usage, with comprehensive online conference features and constantly updated apps that can assist you in achieving HD and top-notch conference and broadcasting effects!

It includes features such as an excellent mic for improved audio interpretation. Bluetooth or USB plug-and-play connectivity allows for simple incorporation. Portable meetings are possible because of the compact design and powerful battery. It will assist you in improving your conference time and efficiency in ways that other tools may not. 


These devices will be enough to make your conferences more collaborative, engaging, and productive. You can add these to your meeting rooms. For more such product Information you can come back to our site. 

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