How to Take Care of Your Laptop Charger?

We love to take care of our laptops and treat them with great respect and saving them from any possible damages. But, how often do we think of taking care of our laptop chargers just like how we do our laptops.  Somehow, we believe that our chargers are replaceable but our laptops are not. But, we don’t realize that laptop chargers are the main source of energy for our laptops.

  • If our chargers are not taken care of our laptops will be redundant in no time at all. So, here are some few and good handy tips from MyLaptopSpare to take care of your laptop chargers. Make sure you are using the correct charger. Many times we forget our chargers and ‘in emergencies, we resort to using our neighbor’s chargers or our colleagues’ chargers at outdoor meetings. Making sure that we use the laptop’s own charger and a correct replacement if not the original charger not specifically meant for our own laptops is very important.

Hence, carry your own chargers with yourselves all the time. Taking care of the laptop chargers and charging the laptop only with its original charger will help you increase the shelf life of your laptop.

  • Another very common mistake that we all tend to make with our laptops is that we charge them anyhow we like. Sometimes, we charge them at electrical plug points that offer a higher voltage than what our laptop is capable of bearing resulting in overheating the device and ultimately damage over time.
  • Another mistake is that we put or laptops on charging and put them anywhere we like. Sometimes our laptops are charging between a stack of clothes. Sometimes between pages of books and sometimes in the cupboard, yes, quite literally!

MyLaptopSpare suggests that you keep our laptop in a safe and open-aired space while charging so it can let off steam while charging.  And, at the same time make sure you are using a switch or plug point that will deliver no higher voltage than what the laptop can bear. 

  • One simpler but the overlooked mistake from our end is that we continue to use damaged and overused wires for laptop charging. If the wire is torn, broken or overused and showing signs of burns from anywhere then stop using that laptop charger immediately.

There are chances that the charger is overbearing certain voltage and a broken wire definitely could pose a danger to you sitting close to the laptop and the laptop as well. In case the laptop charger is damaged buy lapgrade charger from a reliable online store like

These are some of the most useful but simple tips that we give our clients at most times for them to avoid the extra cost of buying a new laptop charger again and again. However, if you do need a reliable charger then look no further than MyLaptopSpare for original and sturdy purchases at great prices. 


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