Your Guide to Buy an Internal Keyboard

Your Guide to Buy an Internal Keyboard


Keyboards are an important part of every laptop and desktop. A computer is incomplete without a keyboard because there is nothing much that you can do without a keyboard. A laptop internal keyboard is a device that comes pre-installed in a laptop and is very different from an external keyboard. The basic feature of the internal keyboard is that it uses a QWERTY layout and comes with alphabets from A to Z and has a numeric pad that comes with numbers 0 to 9. You identify a QWERTY layout just by seeing the first six alphabets of the upper line. 

The other features of the internal keyboard of a laptop include special keys such as the Rupee icon key which is mostly required by people who need to manage their accounts and have to create vouchers and bills. There is also an airplane mode key that helps you to operate your laptop if you are on a flight. There are also keys to increasing and decreasing the volume of your laptop and even muting all the sounds with just one click. You can now even adjust the brightness of the display screen just by clicking two keys. 

Internal keyboards are the perfect options when a laptop is compact in design because some keys are mixed with others to reduce the space required. For example, the percentage and the number 5 key can be found together on an internal keyboard. Unlike external keyboards which are connected to a laptop just by a USB cable, internal keyboards are fixed into the laptop with connectors plugged into the internal keyboard and a connection is established between the motherboard and the internal keyboard. We will talk about this further in this blog so that you know what to exactly look at when buying an internal keyboard for your laptop.

The Challenges of buying an internal keyboard

Buying an internal keyboard is more difficult than buying an external keyboard for your laptop. This is because while buying an internal keyboard a buyer has to consider many factors before making the purchase. While buying an external keyboard, all you need to do is look at the features the keyboard provides and what special keys it has on the pad but the whole scenario changes when you buy an internal keyboard. A buyer not only looks at the keyboard features but also the changes in design and layout so that the internal can be fixed properly.

The manufacturers and the brands that design and sell keyboards all around the world tend to redesign new layouts of the keywords and destroy the old designs and layouts which makes it difficult to find the same design as the old ones. The reason behind this continuous switch of designs of keyboards is majorly based on the fact that keyboard manufacturing companies need to increase their profits to sustain in the market and to do so they regularly change the layouts of the internal keyboards. 

Nowadays, many internal keyboard manufacturers are limiting the buyer’s ability by removing the numeric pads which many users find disturbing. If the buyer wants to regain their ability they have to buy a little expensive internal keyboard and have to make some additional purchases from the particular brand so that the internal keyboard can be placed properly. This ultimately increases the number of purchases of the buyer and hence the brand and the manufacturers make more money just by alternating the designs and the layout of the internal keyboard of the laptop.

Things to Look At Before Buying an Internal Keyboard

There are a few things that you need to be concerned about before making any purchase of new internal keyboards. Internal keyboards are very different from external keyboards and you have to make sure that you check some specifics about your laptop and your internal keyboard so that there are no regrets after making the purchase. Let’s understand what you should check before buying an internal keyboard.

The Front Layout 

The major factor in every purchase of an internal keyboard is the front layout of the keyboard. The front layout refers to the keys mapping and language that differs depending on the country and the languages spoken there. The layout may differ because of the availability of the numeric pad is unavailable in the new internal keyboard consumes less space and provide larger-sized keys to the buyer 

 In a country like India, there are various layouts available because language changes from region to region. There are keyboard layouts available in languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, etc. 

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The Connectors

The connection between the laptop and the internal keyboard was typically established by the use of ribbon cable connectors. The ribbon cable connectors help in transferring the data that the user types on the keyboard to the motherboard and the processors so that they can display on the display screen. The ribbon cable connector plug should perfectly match the socket connecter inside the laptop otherwise it will not be possible to establish the connection. The ribbon cable connectors and socket connectors usually differ from brand to brand. Hence make sure that you are buying the same brand of the keyboard.

Installing an internal keyboard is not an easy task because you have to open the laptop and connect it internally. To avoid any problem with the laptop we recommend that get your keyboard installed by a professional or you can get it installed from the point of purchase and get it installed free of cost.

Some Internal Keyboards That We Will Suggest

Because we care about our reader’s community, we would like to recommend a few internal keyboards that will be the perfect choice for you.

Lapgrade Laptop Keyboard For Acer Aspire

This internal keyboard for Acer aspire is a perfect option for Acer users looking for an internal keyboard. This keyboard from Lapgrade comes with a QWERTY layout and a 3 months warranty at a price of just Rs.899/-. You can easily buy the keyboard by clicking here.

Lapgrade Laptop Keyboard HP Pavillion

A high-quality laptop keyboard is a perfect choice for processing commands at a fast rate which will make you more productive at work. Our suggestion for you would be Lapgrade laptop keyboard for the HP Pavillion 15-DA series. This is a very quality keyboard that is packed with the best features of a laptop and is listed at a price of Rs.899/- on My Laptop Spares.

Lapgrade Laptop Keyboard Sony VPC-EH

A keyboard suits a user when it can give a feel of luxury even when they are typing and to satisfy that need of yours we would recommend you to buy the Lapgrade Laptop Keyboard for Sony VPC-EH series. The use of high plastic in manufacturing these keyboards gives a comfortable and soft feel while typing. Ergonomically designed high-quality keys along with an adjustable palm rest option make it a luxurious deal at a price of just Rs.999/-.

Final Thoughts

We discussed the points and challenges that the buyer might face while buying an internal keyboard. It is important to understand the things that could affect your purchase. Hope you found this helpful. Check out our other blogs to learn valuable information about anything related to laptops, their spares, and accessories. 

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