Perfect Keyboards can change the way you experience computing. You won’t be able to make the most out of your devices without a good keyboard. If you are looking to buy a new one for your PC, we’re here to make your job easier. Choosing one keyboard that will allow you to type faster and give an overall comfortable experience can be challenging. What kind of switches will be best for you, whether you should go for a wired keyboard or a wireless one, many such questions can come to your mind. We’ve put together this guide to help you buy the perfect keyboard for your personal computer. This will help you understand what qualities you should look at while probing for a new keyboard.


Let’s dive deep into the guide

Buying a perfect keyboard is not as easy as earlier when we had limited options. In the era of Gen Z, the keyboard industry became massive. There is currently much more diversity available on the market for keyboards than just a board of black keys. Different switches include silicone domes, scissors, mechanical switches, and many more. You will find keyboards explicitly made for gamers, coders, writers, and designers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the gaming industry boomed, and so did the gaming equipment industry. Keyboards come in many variations, such as lighting, full-sized and portable, wired and wireless, and rechargeable and battery-using keyboards. You also need to make sure whether or not the keyboard you are buying is solving your purpose as well as is reasonably priced. We will discuss everything in this guide so you can buy the perfect keyboard per your needs.


Let’s discuss the different types of keyboards

Before you go on a hunt to buy the perfect keyboard for your personal computer compare the different types of keyboards available online and pick the one that will satisfy all your needs.


USB Cable Keyboard

Wired keyboards are the choice of users for a long time now and many use them to date. Simply insert the keyboard’s USB cord into the USB port on your laptop or computer’s CPU to use it. Because there are so many local brands on the market, you may readily find them for less money. Despite being less expensive than keyboards from international names, they still offer some durability. If you are on a tight budget and need a keyboard, you might go for a USB cable-style keyboard.


Wireless Keyboards

Everything is going wireless nowadays and the keyboards are turning wireless too. It’s very easy for users to connect these keyboards to their devices through Bluetooth and use it anywhere. These are the top picks for people who work while traveling and need to open their laptops at any place where they are. Bluetooth devices are good to go only if you are buying a branded one which will cost more compared to a USB cable keyboard. Before buying a Bluetooth keyboard just check for the warranty period provided by a different brand because some brands provide more than a year warranty and that helps a lot if you face any connecting issues. Wireless keyboards also have two different versions, rechargeable and battery using the keyboard.


Battery Using Wireless Keyboards

Every wireless keyword needs a power source to run. Most of these keyboards use two types of batteries: AA and AAA size batteries. Battery-using keyboards are comparatively more affordable than the other type of wireless keyboards available on the market. They also reduce the user’s burden to maintain different types of battery chargers and they can just put in the batteries and start working.


Rechargeable Wireless Keyboards

These types of wireless keyboards are priced at a higher price point because they mostly have the feature of RGB (red, green, and blue) lighting all around them. This lighting system of the keyboard cannot work with the power produced by the alkaline batteries and hence need to get charged through a USB cable. A user can get their keyboard charged and then work after getting it completely charged or they can even plug it into charging and continue working while their keyboard gets charged.


Understand what size of the keyboard suits you

Keyboards whether wired or wireless comes in two different sizes: full-sized and portable keyboards. If you are a person who has to work a complete day over the desk and has to type fast with few mistakes then you can go for a full-sized keyboard for your device. This will help you be more accurate at your work with more functions available at your fingertips. A portable keyboard should be purchased by anyone who needs to work while traveling or who wants to always have a keyboard with them. A portable keyboard is smaller in size and takes up less room when being transported.


What if all you want is a gaming keyboard?

If you love gaming online on your device then there is no doubt how much a perfect keyboard matters to you. A gamer knows how much it is important to have a gaming keyboard that caters to all their needs because they need to take action at a very fast pace in the gaming world. Because of this, keyboard makers are making more gaming-specific keyboards, which are also highly expensive. The more qualities a keyboard has the more expensive it is. The qualities that make these keyboards expensive are that they provide customization easy for gamers. Gamers can easily switch the keys of the keyboard according to their preferences and style them with different types of swappable caps. The facility of anti-ghosting is also not available in normal keyboards which makes these keyboards costly for the users.


Final Takeaways

You can go ahead with any type of keyboard that you want if that caters to all your needs that you want and if it also falls under your budget. If you are a gamer who wants a keyboard with all the latest functions and latest technology and you also have a nice budget to buy a keyboard then you can easily go for a wireless rechargeable gaming keyboard. On the other hand, if you just want a basic keyboard that is also affordable then go ahead and buy a USB cable keyboard. You have the option to buy keyboards online and offline but it depends upon you what you prefer the most. If you buy it online you will be able to get a wide variety of keyboards and you can also compare them with other keyboards available online. Gamers might not be able to buy what they want in offline stores but will get a lot of keyboards that cater to their needs.


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