How to Increase My Laptop Speed?

How to Increase My Laptop Speed?

Isn’t it annoying when you have an urgent file to send to your boss, but your laptop takes an eternity to process? Or, you want to play an exciting game, but laptop speed doesn’t give you that thrilling feel? Or, are you spending a lot of online work, and due to slow laptop speed, it takes a lot of your time? If yes, then we get you! Laptop speed can become slower due to full hard drives, bugs, or when you have too many programs running. But thankfully, there are ways to fix it!

Delete Unused Files

You download many applications on your laptop that you never use but eventually, they take up storage space. If kept for a long, they can make your laptop speed slower. So, the easiest way to boost your laptop speed is by deleting such files. Identify the applications, games, movies, or large files that you never use and get rid of them.

You can also transfer them to an external hard drive or cloud storage. Removing unused programs can boost your laptop’s performance and increase its processing efficiency. Next time when you decide on buying must-have laptop accessories or software for better workflow, don’t forget about RAM. RAM offers better speed to the laptop and increases its performance. It also offers more space, which means it can tackle all the storage-related issues that are causing slower laptop speed. In general, you can add around 2-4 gigs of RAM space to your laptop. That’s enough for a quick boost-up!

Bonus Tips:
1. Restart your laptop
2. Update your operating system
3. Keep your laptop dust-free 

Also, try to learn about various ways to maintain and extend the life of your laptop computers. Not only will it improve the laptop’s speed, but ensure its long-term operations. Trust us! These methods are the quickest and easiest way to troubleshoot the slow laptop speed issue. Try them out and see for yourself.

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