8 must-have laptop accessories to improve workflow

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Whether you are working from home or the office, timely upgrading of your laptop is a must to enhance productivity. Buying proper accessories boosts the seamless working of a laptop. So, next time when you buy your new gadget and you don’t get everything in the box, don’t be lazy enough to buy some extra gear. 

But, aren’t you aware that they must buy laptop accessories to improve workflow? Don’t worry! Here we bring a list of options from keyboards to webcams to headsets to mice and many more to bring improved daily output. So, without any further delay, let’s get started:

  1. A wireless mouse: Yes, there is an inbuilt touchpad in a laptop, but still you can prefer a wireless mouse to get your work done speedily. It becomes so easy to scroll up and down while going through a long page or viewing a long web page, dragging & dropping the file, and getting the right-clicked in one go, bringing more efficiency to your work. Most of the mice have additional buttons that can be programmed to carry many other functions. 

Top wireless mouse choices:

  • HP S500 Wireless Optical Mouse-7YA11PA: One of the popular choices of working professionals, the HP wireless mouse gives you the convenience to be connected to the laptop whether you are operating your laptop from a bed, table, or floor. It efficiently helps move the mouse cursor, copy/paste text, and images, and drag your file from one place to another easily. Equipped with a smooth grip, it supports your wrist, palm & fingers and doesn’t make you feel tired even after a lot of working hours.
  • Dell WM118 Wireless Optical MouseIt’s a complete package of affordability, ease, and style. It gives you the freedom to concentrate more on work and less on managing wires. Its ambidextrous form fits both right and left hands, enabling you to navigate your daily tasks effortlessly. The long and efficient battery is an added advantage to enhance your daily productivity.


  1. Headphones: With the surge of COVID-19, most of the offices have come to work from home or in the hybrid zone. Team interaction has become dependent on video/audio conferences. That’s when headphones emerge in handy to let you hear out an important official discussion with clarity. 

Top headphones options:

  • Lenovo 100 Stereo Analogue Headset (Grey)-GXD1B60597: The powerful bass and clear treble sounds make this headphone extraordinary. Its protein leather and memory-foam ear cups won’t make you feel tired even after long hours of listening. It has an extra-long 3.5 mm auxiliary cable that allows you to work freely. You can easily change the positions of your sitting while you’re at work. It comes with a rotatable microphone and adjustable headband to meet your left/right preferences.  
  • Lenovo 110 Stereo USB Headset – GXD1B67867: Lenovo Stereo Headset is another name for comfort in work life because it enables crisp calls, powerful audio, and hassle-free plug-and-play. It also comes with a dynamic rotatable microphone that makes calls easy to attend for both left and right sides. 
  1.  A wireless keyboard-mouse combo: You must have seen or listened to people operating a separate keyboard and a mouse while working on a laptop. Wondering why? Well, that’s because it helps you maintain a distance from your laptop which is better for your eyes. Also, your hands and neck are less strained, providing a satisfying typing experience. Whereas, a wireless mouse is the best pick for those who use large screens for giving presentations or want to enjoy the freedom of movement without fear of tangling cords. No doubt, a wireless keyboard, and mouse are a perfect combination of convenience and portability.

Top wireless keyboard option:

  • Dell Wireless keyboard-mouse combo: Give your workspace a modern makeover by introducing Dell wireless keyboard-mouse combo to your desk. Its responsive chiclet keys make typing a comfortable experience and provide easy access to audio and video functions. Its mouse provides the right connectivity that fits well into any virtual workspace.

  • Lenovo 100 wireless keyboard – mouse combo: Now, Lenovo 100 Wired USB Keyboard is capable enough to handle your workflow all day long. Built with natural contours and shape, this keyboard is inclusive of 109 keys and 12 function keys to let you enjoy typing while writing a mail, preparing a PPT, or making an important document. Its mouse feels just right in the hand and makes clicking & scrolling a joy.
  1. Cables and connectors: If you are a multi-tasker and you have to connect two or more devices to your laptop, then you shouldn’t take a minute to make up your mind and buy sturdy USB wires. They are easy to use and have the capability to carry information per second (12 MB/second).

Top cable and connectors choices:

  • Dell Adapter – USB-C to HDMI-470-ABQL: It is one of the innovative adapters that allows you to connect your laptop or desktop with USB – C video to an HDMI-compliant display. Its stunning resolution provides crisp and rich video with easy portability. 
  • Lapgrade Falcon PD65W Dual USB GaN Wall Charger (White Color) for MacBook, Ultrabook, and for 65W Type-C laptops and Compatible with iPhones, iPods, Tablets, Smart Phone: It’s a next-gen technology that provides the highest charging speeds for all devices. It avoids flashing, abnormal screen response, and battery damage. Lapgrade Falcon’s compact design allows you to easily carry it while on the go. Just put it into your bag and head off to the next conference room. 
  1. Zipper pouch and bag packs: Your laptop – the most valuable thing of today’s time should not be left with the scope of wear and tear at all. Whether you are keeping it in your almirah or traveling, a zipper pouch (made of puffy fabric) lets your laptop remain safe from scratches and dust. However, if you are commuting via bike or scooter, then the bag pack is the best.

Top backpack choices:

  • Lenovo 15.6 inch laptop Backpack B210 Black-GX40Q17225: If quality is in your mind, then this backpack can be your ideal option. Its water-repellent fabric safeguards your laptop from getting drenched. Its cushioned body fits the laptop well and spacious compartments keep your valuable items secured. Extra features like –  Easy zippers, front pockets, and a water bottle holder make it a must-buy to carry your laptop.
  1. Wireless printers: As a handout during official meetings or for the submission of essential papers, you need documents in hard copy and that’s when you miss printers the most. Printers are the must-haves if you are into offline marketing. After all, the best quality printing showcases your business in a good light. So, one should never refrain from buying printers. Wireless printers are the preferred choice as they are exceptionally convenient to manage and easy to set up. HP DeskJet 3755 Compact All-in-One Wireless Printer, Canon Pixma TS307 Single Function, and Wireless Inkjet Colour Printers are some of the best printers to get your official work done efficiently. 
  1. Bluetooth speakers: When you are about to attend a conference call, it’s always better to connect your laptop with a Bluetooth speaker. You listen to the voice of every member clearly and its in-built microphone lets you attend calls while you are cooking, your hands are in a mess or you are simply lying on the couch. You can easily regulate volume and change tracks with Bluetooth speakers. 
  1. Webcams: Want to make the virtual experience of online meets as close as the real in-person experience? Then, you must think about buying a webcam. A webcam facilitates remote collaboration & communication and makes official celebrations, livelier and more memorable. HP W100, Bluelex HD webcam, and Logitech C270 HD webcam are some of the popular webcams that you must give a try to enhance your Work From Home experience.
  • HP W100 Webcam-1W4W4AA: If you’re working at home or in isolation,  video calls with the help of webcams make remote calling a smooth process. Its flexible and easy-to-bend features make it ideal for usual working.
  • Lenovo 300 FHD WebCam – GXC1B34793: See your colleagues clearly with an advanced Lenovo webcam. Its full stereo dual-mics are perfect for making long-distance conferencing video calls and letting others hear you loud and clear every time.

 9. Batteries: A body without a soul is nothing, similarly a laptop without a battery cannot function. It’s a hardware component that provides a power supply to a device and allows it to run properly without a power cord. While buying a battery, make sure it is BIS certified and offers a warranty period. 

We recommend you invest in a spare battery to make sure that you never go out of charge when you are out on the road or traveling or you are in a remote area where you won’t have the access to charge your battery. But do remember that it must be fully charged. 

10. Power Adaptors/Chargers: How can we end this article without mentioning adaptors? Adaptors provide sufficient power to operate a laptop for uninterrupted hours at work, whether you are working at home or in the office. Adaptors should be stored safely to drive their maximum utility for an extended period of time.

It makes a lot of sense to keep an extra power adapter/charger for your work desk and another one should be kept in your laptop bag all the time. This will never leave you in a problematic situation when you may forget your power adapter at home and when you will reach the office you may realize that your laptop is running short of battery but you don’t have an extra charger. 

Life is about evolving. Don’t hesitate to buy something that amplifies your working potential. You can pick the laptop accessories from our suggested list that contribute to your overall workflow or help in handling or storing your laptop in a perfect manner. Here at My Laptop Spares, you can explore a large variety of laptop accessories that help you immerse deeper in your working efficiency. 

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