How to Extend My Laptop Battery Life?

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Tired of connecting your laptop to the power supply day and night? It’s time to extend your laptop’s battery life. A laptop may lose its battery life due to high brightness, multiple running programs, or a heavy application. This short battery life is extremely frustrating for the users as it interrupts the laptop’s operations. But, every issue has a solution, and this one’s no exception. Here are some easy fixes by which you can improve your laptop’s battery life easily:

Turn off Keyboard Backlights

Display and keyboard lightings are two major contributors to laptop battery drainage. So, if you aren’t using keyboard backlights, don’t keep them on unnecessarily. Now, how can you turn it off? Based on the brand, your laptop may already have a function key to turn off these lights. Simply read the manual to identify the key and press same.

Lower the Laptop Brightness

If your laptop’s brightness is always high, it might be the main culprit for your laptop’s battery drainage. So, it’s recommended to reduce the brightness to optimal levels and save excessive power usage. Try to keep the brightness level below 50% or select a level as per your convenience.

Shutdown Power-consuming Applications

Do you have the habit of opening too many applications unnecessarily? Or maybe you have a power-consuming application running in the background, unintentionally. Either way, they may be contributing to your laptop’s battery drainage. Unnecessary and graphics-oriented applications can put a strain on your laptop battery and make it drain faster. So, it’s recommended to check for such applications and shut them down instantly. Meanwhile, do not open more than 1-2 applications simultaneously on your laptop or they might reduce the battery life too.

Avoid Overheating

Laptop overheating can damage the battery and cause excessive battery drainage. So, it’s important to check for any overheating while using the laptop. Simply touch the laptop’s surface and check if it’s too hot. If it is, make sure to keep your laptop in a well-ventilated space as it maintains better air circulation in the system. You can also work on a laptop desk with gaps or elevate the laptop a bit while using it. Also, make a habit of turning off the laptop and unplugging the cords when not in use.

Tip: Take good care of your charger too, as sometimes the problem might be related to your charger and not the battery. Faulty chargers can lead to slow charging and quick battery drainage.


Turn On the Power Saver Mode

When you turn on the power saver mode for your laptop, it closes the programs that take extra power to run. These programs include automatic emails, calendar syncing, or unused apps. Once these things are shut off, your battery life extends. So, if you want to extend your laptop’s battery life, try turning on the power saver mode. You can do so by navigating to the Battery Settings and selecting the battery/energy saver option as per your OS.

Get a New Laptop Battery

As the laptop becomes old, its battery is likely to lose efficiency. Soon, you may face situations, where the laptop battery would charge 25% less or ridiculously slow. If these things happen consistently, you should replace the laptop battery with a new one. While buying a new laptop battery, make sure to look for a good battery model with high capacity, voltage, and other specifications. You may select the battery as per the brand and specifications you need. For example, with a 12.6 V maximum charge voltage, Lapgrade batteries for ASUS are a great choice for ASUS laptops. They are a hot-selling product for their long battery life and efficient performance. Besides that, you can also research other best laptop batteries across the internet.


These solutions can extend your laptop battery life and ensure its longer running time. Try each of them and go with the one that works best for you.

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