Tips when trying to find a Laptop Keyboard

Tips when trying to find a Laptop Keyboard

Your keyboard is what makes all the difference when working smoothly on a laptop. It makes life easier and your work faster to get through. So much so that even people with tablets more often than not prefer to purchase a Bluetooth keyboard!

However, like every electronic device out there, your keyboard is not immune to wear and tear. You might have noticed it happen to you at least once – when you have been busy typing and suddenly certain keys will just stop working. This might urge you to look up some ‘hacks’ and sort the issue out yourself but it is never that easy. If your keyboard stop working, it is important to get it checked by a professional who can guide you with the price of repairs and replacement.

Types of Laptop Keyboards

Did you know that there are different types of laptop keyboards? These are the basic categories-

  • Standard – The most common type, a standard laptop keyboard includes all the necessary keys, such as function, alphanumeric, and navigation keys.
  • Numeric – A numeric keyboard can be used for any kind of data entry or gaming.
  • Island Style – This keyboard has keys spaced further apart, making it easier to type.
  • Chiclet: The chiclet keyboard has all flat keys with a small gap between them.

You may also either have a backlit keyboard or a non-backlit one. In a backlit keyboard, the keys are illuminated from behind, making it easier to see in low-light conditions. It also should be noted that backlit keyboards usually cost more than their non-backlit counterparts.

Common Laptop Keyboard Issues

It is not uncommon or unusual for your laptop keyboard to become stuck or unresponsive due to any kind of damage or general wear and tear. These issues can sometimes be resolved with a quick cleaning or repair. However, there may arise a time when you may just have to get it completely replaced. Determining the root of the problem is important in such situations as it will help you figure out a solution.

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Here are some of the common problems that people have experienced with their laptop keyboards:

  • Unresponsive Keyboard

If more than one key on your laptop keyboard has become stuck or unresponsive, it is most likely due to dirt buildup underneath the keycaps. This can be easily fixed by cleaning your keyboard with compressed air, or even a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. In case this does not help you, then you may need to consider replacing the affected keys.

  • Water Damage

If your laptop keyboard has been exposed to water, it is important to act quickly to prevent any more damage. Try to get rid of the water as much as possible by either turning it upside down or using a hairdryer on a low setting to dry it out – be careful not to overheat it though! In most cases of intense water damage, a complete replacement is often the best option. You can either buy one yourself or contact a laptop service to help you out. My Laptop Spares offers a number of new and used laptop keyboard spares that you can easily purchase. We have a wide range that fits different budgets. Our team is present 24×7 to help you out with any queries.

  • Wear and Tear

Wear and Tear is the most common cause. It is highly likely and inevitable that over time your laptop keyboard will incur some issues. This is most likely in cases where you use your laptop very frequently or do not care for it properly. Replacing your laptop keyboard completely is the best solution in such a situation.

Cost of Replacing a Laptop Keyboard

The very first thing you need to know when looking for a keyboard replacement is that the cost can vary depending solely on the brand of your laptop. The replacement costs for well-known brands like HP and Dell are usually on the higher side, ranging anywhere from Rs. 900 to more than Rs. 4,000.

It is also important to find a reputable Laptop repair center that has years of experience. They will be the best guides for you when it comes to replacing or repairing your laptop keyboard. It is crucial you do prior research and invest in a company that you have faith in.

Make sure to keep your receipt when purchasing a replacement keyboard and get a warranty on it. All our products at My Laptop Spares come with an authorized 1-year warranty which eases any worries you may have.

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