Things to keep in mind when shopping for laptop batteries online

Laptop Batteries Online

The first and foremost thing before picking your laptop battery is knowing if it will be compatible with your device and considering what it is made of. You should also have a look at the power rating and the service life as they tend to impact the performance and lifespan of a battery. Before starting your hunt, you need to keep in mind if you wish to replace it with a brand name or something generic or refurbished. All these come with their own warranties and safety standards so it is best to do your research well in advance. My Laptop Spares offers a number of laptop batteries, across a spectrum. Going through our website you can review each battery of your choice before purchasing the one that fits well with your needs.

Here are some points that you should adhere to when on a search for your laptop battery:

1. Compatibility

As mentioned earlier, nothing matters if your battery is incompatible with your laptop. Laptop batteries vary in size, cell, and power, and many laptops don’t support third-party batteries.  Above all make sure you buy a battery that is compatible with your laptop. Always check the system configuration online to see if it is suitable for your device. This information is usually listed in the product description of your laptop. You can also check the inside of your laptop’s battery compartment while it is off and unplugged. This will have the part number of the original battery, making your search easier.

2. Material

The most widely used materials for laptop batteries are Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, and Lithium-Ion. NiCad batteries tend to be heavier and many of the newer models have stopped using them. A Lithium-Ion battery has more charging cycles in them than any of the materials out there and is a popular choice in today’s day and age. It is lightweight and provides long-lasting working hours. While NiMH batteries last longer than NiCads, they have a shorter lifespan compared to LiONs (Lithium-Ion). They also have something known as the “memory effect,” which causes them to lose the ability to fully recharge.

3. Capacity

If you are buying a new battery then it is always advised to buy one with a higher capacity than your previous battery. If your older battery has a 2500mah or 3000 mah capacity, then make sure the newer battery has a capacity of more than that. This is because, the greater the capacity, the longer the battery can run before it needs to be recharged. Today, most new batteries are rated at least 5,000 mAh.

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4. Warranty

Before making the final purchase, make sure that you are getting a minimum of 6-8 months of warranty on your battery.  Try to get a warranty in a written format with the billing date and GST number of the manufacturer to hinder any obstacles in the future.

5. Service Life

As discussed, laptop batteries have a set lifespan, just like any other electronic device. This implies that there is a limited period during which they will function optimally before their performance starts to slow down. The life of a battery is usually noted in terms of its cycles – one cycle is the complete running of charge and then recharging it completely. A majority of the batteries have a lifespan that lasts between 300 to 1,500 charging cycles. Once the max is reached it may not work as well.

Should I get new batteries or refurbished ones?

When purchasing a laptop battery, always try to get new batteries rather than refurbished ones. While the price of refurbished batteries may be considerably less, they do not come with any warranty and you may have to pay the price at the expense of your safety as they come with a risk of short circuit.

Our experienced team at My Laptop Spares understands the make of each product and will effortlessly guide you when making such a purchase. Reach out to us via our website!

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