Let’s bust some myths – Laptop Battery Edition!

Let’s-bust-some- myths – Laptop Battery-Edition!

In today’s day and age, we all rely heavily on our laptops. From school assignments and projects to work related excel files and presentations. Our daily lives revolve around this portable digital gadget, and therefore, the battery life of your laptop becomes crucial. Having a healthy laptop battery life is of utmost importance, especially if you don’t want your laptop crashing and shutting down in the middle of something important. There are several ways in which you can test and gauge your battery life. You can also undertake numerous steps to extend its lifecycle. To be able to do this you must be able to weed through the excess information available online and know what is worth following.

Here is a small list of some persistent myths that go around about laptop batteries.

Myth #1: Disconnect your charger once full, or you might damage it.

This is probably one of (if not the most) common myths that has circulated about batteries. We have been hearing about this one for years now for a lot, we still believe it to be true. Most laptops use lithium-ion batteries, which means that overcharging does not affect them. They can be charged for upto 500 times a day and won’t have any damage for they have an internal circuit to immediately stop the process once the job is done. This control system prevents any overcharging which could have otherwise led to overheating and potential burns.

Myth #2: “Over-charging” can turn your laptop into a desktop

This is an implication of those rare laptop cases you may have seen that you are unable to use unless it’s been plugged in. However, in all technicality, your laptop does not get “addicted” to the power and therefore, it cannot turn into a desktop. This is because your laptop does not follow a specific charging pattern.

Myth #3: You should only charge your battery once it has reached its minimum usage

This was true only in the days of nickel-based batteries. Full discharging your laptop in order to charge it has no effects on today’s tech. As all new laptops use lithium-ions, they work better and last much longer than their predecessors. They have no memory effect, meaning you can recharge at any point.

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Myth #4: Using your laptop while it’s charging can shorten the battery’s lifespan

This is a pretty popular myth that you might have heard even from your neighborhood IT guy and has been an unnecessary culprit. Continuing to work while your laptop charges has no damaging consequences. What could actually harm it is – heat. The heat often comes from a high workload and an overworked processor.

Myth #5: Getting your malfunctioning batteries replaced is quite easy

Almost all major laptop companies sell replacement batteries on their website. However, it isn’t as simple as just ordering a backup. Unless you are well-versed with the technical aspects of the battery, you may just order the wrong thing. For an Apple laptop, this process is even more confusing because they come with built-in batteries. This means that only a licensed IT professional can replace them.

Myth #6: You should charge your laptop completely right out of the box

While this may hold for older, nickel-based models, today’s laptop batteries don’t abide by the same rules. All new laptops have lithium-ion batteries and are self- calibrating. They are designed so that you can use your device as soon as you switch it on. Which of these myths were busted today for you?

Unfortunately, we have been following guidelines that don’t even hold. At My Laptop Spares, we have a support team ready to guide you through every step of the process when picking a digital gadget. You are ensured 100% quality and convenience, offering the best customer experience for all gadget users.


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