How To Identify Genuine Laptop Parts?

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When we buy a new laptop, replacement laptop parts, or laptop accessories, the most common concern is, whether are we getting the original product. With the mushrooming counterfeit electronics market, your concern is obvious. With an ingenuine laptop part, you lose access to the expected performance and pay a high price for a fake product. Fortunately, you can prevent yourself from getting ripped off. This guide will explain how to identify genuine laptops or laptop parts. So, let’s get started:

Scan the QR Code

Most of the original electronics, especially laptops and their parts, have a QR code sticker. Scan this code using a QR code scanner app, and you’ll see a security code. If it matches the security code on the QR sticker, it means you’ve got a genuine laptop part. If not, then it’s a fake product.

Check the BIOS Version

Run the systeminfo.exe command prompt, and you’ll see lots of information about your laptop/PC and the parts installed on it. For example, you’ll find the installation date of Windows, the registered owner of the device, OS (operating system) details, and many more. The command detects only genuine parts. So, by looking at this information, you can tell whether you’ve got a brand-new or refurbished laptop or you’ve got genuine parts.

Step :

1: Type cmd in the Windows search box and hit enter.
2: In the command prompt, type systeminfo.exe and hit enter.
3: Scroll down until ‘BIOSVersion:” to find system details.

Confirm Identity Online

Most companies facilitate online verification of their products. You can verify your laptop or any replacement part using the identification and printed model number. With this option, you can verify manufacturing details, the place for sale, the warranty, the applicability of the product’s model, etc. Find the identification number, service tags, and or serial number on the back of your laptop.

Then, visit the company’s official website to verify the authenticity of your product.


If someone is selling a laptop part at an unreasonably low price, then it can be a sign of a fake product. So, don’t fall into the trap of a low-price deal and buy the right product at the right price.


Reputed companies sell their products in branded packaging. On the other hand, fake products come in generic, plain, or bubble wrappers. So, you can use the product packaging as an identification factor.

Final Words

You can easily identify genuine laptop parts from fake ones by checking the above factors. We suggest choosing an authorized and renowned vendor to avoid fraud and buy original laptop parts.




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