How to Buy All-In-One Video Conferencing Hardware?

How to buy all-in-one video conferencing hardware

Video conferencing has grown into a pivotal want for companies of all kinds and functional areas, from handling diverse teams to closing international business contracts. This implies that effective businesses and organizations will have to offer their customers and colleagues a viable solution for high-quality teleconferencing, which has become the cornerstone of offshore outsourcing and communications.

In this time of era, Client interaction is not limited to Physical meetings and interaction, because Technology now has new dynamics. The best video conferencing devices can revolutionize your company’s operations by introducing an in-person experience to your virtual conferences, thanks to HD streaming video and concise, sound audio.

To achieve this clarity and quality you need to make conscious choices while picking up hardware for your Video Conferencing purpose. Before you move to make the purchase you need to look into a few aspects of the Hardware. What are they? You will know here with us.

How to buy all-in-one video conferencing hardware: A guide

During Video Conferencing you need different tools like a high resolution camera, speaker phones, table top mics, wireless sharing devices, etc. However, when you begin to purchase and Install each of them separately, it might come across as a costly as well as tedious task. In such situations, you require one hardware solution that has all the amenities in place. If you are seeking such solutions, then we have listed down some of the best-in-one hardware tools for your reference. In this guide, you will find.

  • in one Hardware tool for Video Conferencing.
  • How should you buy an All in one hardware tool?

Now let’s begin with the blog without further ado.

Video conferencing hardware: Choose the right one.

Today Video Conferencing has become multi-purpose because it is used for different reasons. Some of the common types of Video conferencing include.

⦁ Team meets
⦁ Webinars
⦁ Online Interview
⦁ Training and Support
⦁ Product Demos, etc.

Since the user has become varied the need for systems for conducting such conferences has diversified too. We will look into it in a quick walkthrough.

1. Videoconferencing Teleconferencing Framework: Numerous different screens or displays are put to use to create the illusion that everyone is participating in the discussion in person.

2. Windows pc Video Conferencing System: A laptop or desktop computer contains all of the video conferencing software and equipment.

3. Room-Based Conferencing: Video chat technology is integrated into the space.

How good it will be if you have to buy only one Hardware Solution for all these kinds of meetings? Sounds unbelievable? But we have a few to share with you.

Video conferencing hardware: Best all-in-one Video Conferencing tools.

Here’s the list of the top 5 All one Video Conferencing tools you can purchase.

1. Philips’ All-in-One Portable Video Conference Option with Megaphone and 4K HD Camcorder

One of the leading Video Conferencing tools is the Philips’ All-in-One Portable Video Conference Option with Megaphone and 4K HD Camcorder. With phenomenal video and audio reliability, which would include 4K high-definition video, improved pan/tilt and automatic voice tracking, Philips SmartMeeting Conferencing Solution captures every employee present in the space.

Some High-End features of Philips’ All-in-One Portable Video Conference Option with a Megaphone and 4K HD Camcorder

⦁ It has inbuilt voice recognition technology for speaker separation resulting in HD voice clarity.
⦁ It has a 4K HD Quality camera for unmatched Visual Capturing as well as 360° rotation for covering all the participants present in the meeting.
⦁ Portable battery with Intense Noise cancellation technology for ensuring clear sound with 0 noise.

2. Philips PSE0800 Smart Meeting Camera & Soundbar

Philips PSE0800 Smart Meeting Camera & Soundbar is another leading in-one Video Conferencing solution in today’s market. This Smart bar has all the features, including Audio, Visual, note-making as well as recording. Some of the most Outstanding features you will discover in this All one Video Conferencing hardware are:

⦁ With 5 times Zoom in, the Camera promises top-notch Video Quality, plus the 120° Wide Angle camera ensures capturing every attendee of the meeting.
⦁ You can experience the Ultra 4K HD video recording. It improves the conversation experience and eradicates the instance of broken audio during meetings.
⦁ Despite having a wide frame, there’s no distortion in the image recording.

3. L JOYUSING All In One Video Conferencing solution – 1080P HD Display.

Intuitive Plug and Play USB: The best part of this device is that it is compatible with every cloud-based Video Conferencing software. You can easily attach your in one Desktop Conferencing hardware with the devices of your choice as well.

90° Wide Angle: 90° Camera angle ensures distortion-free recording and captures an HD picture of everyone present during the Video Conferencing session.

Independent Speaker: The Speakers are designed to deliver high-quality HD Sound to all the participants of the Video Conferencing.

Built-in Pickup Voice Microphone: The Build Voice Microphone is designed to pick up voice even from the farthest corner (3M radius) of the meeting room. It enables you to listen to every participant.

HD Visuals: This is one Video Conferencing hardware known to deliver 1920x1080P HD Visuals for a crisp and clear visual experience.

Easy Installation: The JoyUsing All one Video Conferencing hardware has a versatile base, given, it can be installed anywhere as per your requirements.

4. Polycom Studio X-50

Polycom Studio X-50 is another all in-one Video Conferencing hardware, responsible for changing the course and experience of Video conferencing. It has some incredible features which make it one of the most desirable Video Conferencing tools for any professional space. Those features enlist:

Enhanced Visibility with the best Camcorder: The Camera has the capability of delivering images having 1080P quality. This boosts the Video Conferencing experience as each participant can see the other clearly, making the meeting at par with face-to-face meetings.

Dynamic Compatibility: Polycom Studio X-50 sits well across all devices. Whether you have a MacBook, Android, Windows, or any other system installed. It will work perfectly well with all the setups with ease.

Centralized Control for smooth handling: All your Audio, Visual, and recording feature is available in just one tool which makes it easier to manage and you can concentrate on your meeting.

Audio with Power cancellation feature: The noise Cancellation features deliver you top-notch quality audio. With zero noise and vibration, the discussion becomes more interactive and engaging as well as productive.

Quick set-up: Having a cloud support system the Polycom Studio X-50 can work without a Mac or PC, however, your meeting room must not have more than 10 participants at a time if you are conducting the meeting via the cloud.

Your meeting, your platform: Without requiring an additional PC, the Poly Studio X50 video bar supports Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. It also supports H.323 and SIP for simple connection to any benchmark video solutions for VaaS access points.

5. Logitech Connect

The Logitech Connect has some breakthrough features. you need to know about them before you opt for any other Video Conferencing tools in the market.

Fit for small meeting rooms: The Tool is designed for the Tabletop which can cover a radius of 90° with 4x Zoom having a pan tilt, it is an expert in producing distortion-free Visuals and high-quality Videos.

Compact design: The design is so compact and easy to handle that you can carry it anywhere. It means even if you are on the road or flying somewhere, you can carry this meeting tool everywhere with you without any significant hassle.

Highly Compatible: Connect provides a plug-and-play Connector to Microsoft Windows, Chromebooks, and Mac, Also, it is compatible with Skype for Business certified, Cisco Jabber, and has improved assimilation to BlueJeans, Zoom, Cloud, Broadsoft, Vidyo, etc.

Unmatchable lens: The Lenses of Logitech Connect are known to record unbeatable pictures with maximum quality. The lens captures every spectrum of light, faces as well as body movements to make your Conferencing experience realistic and engaging. Also, you can protect the lenses by docking them with a magnetic remote control. Hence it makes maintenance easy.
Additional Features of Logitech Connect

Best In Class Audio: Video or Audio Conferencing, Logitech Connect works well with both. If you are connecting to an audio conference with your smartphone, then you can pair the Logitech Connect with your device using Bluetooth. Also, its 360° Wideband ensures edging clarity with maximized noise cancellation.

Portable: Connect has the best battery performance where you will get up to 3 hours long Video Conferencing while Audio Conferencing can go up to 15 hours. Also, it has the Swapping Regional plugs. Hence, you can charge the battery with every kind of charger you can get hold of.

USB Plug-in: Logitech Connect requires no special software or additional maintenance. You can easily plug it into any of the systems of your choice and can run it with any Video Conferencing software. It has both a Video camera as well as an audio Unit. Now, you can take your meeting experience to the next level.

Privacy Control: You can dock the Connect’s Remote control over the camera sensor, for offering additional confidentiality. If you wish Connect to remain intact in place, the Kensington security port provides simple theft prevention.

Factors to consider before purchasing your Video Conferencing hardware

Before you move on to buying a new in-one Video Conferencing hardware you need to consider a few factors. These are:

Compatibility with Devices

You need to ensure that your Video Conferencing hardware must be compatible with the system. Regardless of the scope of the venture, the eventual aim is truly united communication channels, so it is critical to determine what functional specs are required for a video chat alternative. So you need to ensure that Telephonic equipment, UC platform. Some tools are even best for Audio conferencing, so check if they can pair with smartphones too.

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Pricing and Technical model

You must ensure the Rate of Investment you get after purchasing the All one Video Conferencing hardware. You have to calculate the combined investment on the hardware & Software you install for your Video Conferencing system. Also, you must ensure that you install the upgraded models of the Conferencing hardware for an enhanced experience. Also, you can compare the features and prices of all the models available in the market having similar features. This cost comparison will help you buy efficiently while purchasing the All one Video Conferencing tool for your business.

Support Options

While using a technical tool you have to remain aware that sometimes it might have some glitches or it will require maintenance service. For such instances, you need to make sure that you will receive proper service support from the company without extensive charges.

Warranty and Risk Coverage

Before buying the All one Video Conferencing hardware, you must follow the warranty terms and conditions carefully. Also, you must ensure that In case of any damages, at least during the warranty period, the company is covering the cost of repairing and management of the product. Ensuring the warranty is the best way to risk Coverage and minimize your expenditure, particularly in case of manufacturing defects.


Every Video Conferencing hardware will have a certain set of features that is common in all products of this range. However, each product has a different set of features that make it stand out amongst its competitors. Before you make the purchase, make sure you know all the Features, and if they are compatible with your system or not. Once you are satisfied with the Hardware, only then move towards making the purchase.


Now, we have shed light on the essential aspect of how you can purchase All-in-one Video Conferencing hardware. You must have got plenty of information before making your purchase. For more such blogs, stay tuned with us.

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