How To Build An Audio Conferencing System.

How to build an audio conferencing system.


Audio conferencing systems are an integral part of kinds of industries. Whether you own a unicorn company or an MSME, or if you are a content creator and have a team with whom you need to host meetings at regular intervals, you need a good audio conferencing system. To build an audio conferencing system of the highest quality, you will need to hand-pick all the components. You need to plan in detail the various dynamics of a standard quality system.


Building an audio conferencing system will allow you to connect with multiple participants at once. It also includes features such as calendars and reminders that make organizing and running a meeting much easier and more convenient. Another advantage of audio conferencing is that you don’t have to worry about your location, which is a concern in videoconferencing. All you need is a good internet/server connection to conduct any type of meeting without fear of distribution. However, you will need a good ACS (Audio conferencing system) for that. Also, there are a few additional elements that impact the overall quality of your audio conferencing system. Hence, you need to know all of it in detail for producing impactful results before hosting an audio conference next time.

How to build an audio conferencing system: A complete guide.

Technical support and engineering are required when constructing an audio conferencing system. However, with a little research and guidance, you can build it yourself. So, if you’re wondering how we’re here to guide you through it. The enlisted information in this guide includes:

📍How do you put together an audio conferencing system?

📍What are the advantages of constructing an audio conferencing system?

Components of a good audio conferencing system

Building the best audio conferencing system begins by finding the right room setup. You need to have a few elements like the layout of the room, it’s lighting, and its acoustic quality alongside the devices and apps which you are going to incorporate at later stages. Let’s analyze each of them in detail.

Internet with Ethernet backup

Wireless connectivity is one of the most basic requirements of an audio conferencing system. In simple words, if you don’t have strong internet connectivity, then you won’t be able to conduct any type of conference. Employees must find it easy to use your technology. Unfortunately, some Wi-Fi signals are spotty or insufficient to handle large amounts of video data.

So, to restrict such occurrences with your system, your meeting rooms’ AV solution must include all these Wi-Fi and Ethernet capabilities, so that you can connect securely and directly when needed.

Best Audio Equipment

During a conference, audio quality plays one of the most notable roles. The inability to hear or be heard clearly can cause misunderstandings and errors down the road. We do not advise running your entire video conferencing system from a single laptop.

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Most of the accessible models of laptops have poor microphones that muffle, crackle, or distort your words. In some cases, there may be a voice echoing or reverberation. It is critical to use a system with a tested, high-quality microphone and speaker system, especially for meetings involving more than two people.

Full View Videos

If you are conducting a conference with your team on a certain project which has some offshore clients/team members who require better insight into the project, then you need to have a 360° full view camera. It is supposed to generate high-quality pictures while you use whiteboards or other tools to explain your plan. In this way, your team members will feel more connected and you will be able to interact with them more productively.

Compatible with system

Numerous businesses, big and small, are using video conferencing software such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, or Google Hangouts. But instead of forcing your employees to learn new applications, you need an alternative that seamlessly integrates into your business system. Something that instantaneously syncs with your team members’ calendar apps is a plus.

Acoustic and noise cancellation

The ambient noise-to-signal ratio should be low. External noises should never be a source of distraction in the conference room. The superior the audio quality of the devices, the quieter the video conference room design.

Conference room layout.

U shape is considered one of the best layouts for Audio/Video conferencing. Your room must not have too many windows. Also, it should not be too large because it will impact the quality of the sound.

The software you must use for the Viriatus audio conferencing system.

Some of the best apps having immensely impressive features like High-Quality sounds, the Least glitches, and options for hosting mass audiences are listed below. They are not only affordable but are upgraded to boost performance and productivity. The best feature is that you don’t need any authentication before joining meetings on these apps. Just a link or a Dial in will allow you access.


Zoom conferencing is an excellent cloud meeting software that simplifies video GoToMeeting. It is intended to make joining meetings, inviting people, and collaborating with any device simple.


  • You can collaborate with other tools like Slack, Okta, and HipChat.
  • High-definition video and audio conferencing are possible.
  • You can save meetings to the cloud.
  • Allows a large group of people to participate.
  • Outlook, Gmail, and Google Calendar, and are all integrated.

Google Meet

For G Suite users, Google meet is the most preferred app of all time. All you need to do is to generate a link with one click and share it with your team after integrating it with the calendar. If you want to host a large audience, then Google meet can be the best option. By using a view-only mode, you can easily host up to 100,000 participants. In this mode, your participants will be able to see and hear you, but not the other way around. However, for this, you need to take a paid plan, which will cost you $72/annually.


This app allows you to create and join online meetings. The app authorizes you to connect with others in a conference, share your screen, and do other fortes that would generally be done in a conference room. Furthermore, the app comprises several elements that make online meetings more constructive and satisfying. You need to pay around $6.99 if you opt for the pro plan, else it is free to use.

List the best gadgets for audio conferencing set-up.

If you are setting up a conference room, you will need a few high-tech gadgets to serve that purpose. We have listed down those essentials for your reference:

Cisco Webex Calling Cisco Webex DX Poly Calisto Speakerphone Series
Avaya XT5000 Poly Voyager Bluetooth Headset System ezTalks Room
Panasonic KX-VC300 Zoom Rooms Poly Eagle-eye Camera
Logitech MeetUp Camera PTZOptics PT12x-SDI Lifesize Icon 700


Building an audio conferencing system can be a difficult task because it requires expert insights. However, with a little planning and development, you can easily build your audio conferencing system, allowing you to connect with a larger audience at a lower cost. So, invest in your app and create next-generation technology.

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