How does Barco ClickShare work?

How does Barco ClickShare work

The Barco ClickShare has made its mark in the market as one of the most preferred Conferencing tools for both small and large industries. ClickShare, Barco’s innovative conference room product, continues to rise in prominence as it establishes itself as an answer to everyday conference room technology difficulties in businesses around the world.

Most of the users of Barco ClickShare suggested that the meeting/conference should be more productive and easier with the use of technology. As a result, Barco’s imaginative approach to these typical challenges can be seen in a product that was released in recent years. Now, some years later, we examine how ClickShare has risen to such prominence.
What is Barco ClickShare

Barco ClickShare is an innovative wireless conferencing solution known for its one-touch connectivity and seamless performance. It emphasizes increasing communication to increase efficiency and enhance workflows. The Users benefit from a streamlined approach to exchanging information that is wirelessly transferrable to bigger monitors from every device by incorporating ClickShare into conference rooms.

This revolutionary gadget comprises a base device that plugs into an LCD monitor or projection system and a push of a button that connects to the individual’s computer through the USB port, AirPlay, and the app for mobile devices. There are no cords, no setup, and nothing to wait for with ClickShare; just connect, hit the “Share” button, and begin communicating.

Barco’s adaptable gadget could not be simpler to configure and use, assisting in the prevention of any technology-related issues and, as a result, lowering stress factors. In addition to that, ClickShare works with any system or gadget, including desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile, resulting in a great meeting experience that includes everyone in the room – regardless of technology.

Furthermore, to accommodate devices that lack a USB port, such as a mobile device Barco has developed a ClickShare software for iOS and Android (although iOS users can also use Airplay).
How does Barco ClickShare work: The available models of Barco ClickShare

Barco ClickShare CX-20

The ClickShare CX-20 is well-known for its unrivaled capabilities and is ideal for small in size regular conferences. Among the features are:

⦁ It spans an area measuring 34 mm x 135 mm x 135 mm.
⦁ The supply of electricity must have a standard 110/220 V alternate current socket or a USB-C port (only Gen2).
⦁ The framework also does not require a large power source for operation; it will work perfectly with 5-10W working, 24W max.
⦁ It has a band that ranges from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz and may encompass a region of approximately 30 m
⦁ It is intended to work with the latest version of Windows and subsequent variants, as well as Mac iOS.
⦁ The video transmission is at 4K resolution with Ultra HD graphics.

Barco ClickShare CX-30

Barco ClickShare CX- 30 is another conference ensemble that is best suited for meetings ranging from small to medium size. Its features are somewhat similar to the Barco ClickShare CX-20 but enable it to cater to a slightly larger audience than the former one. Its features enlist:

⦁ It allows screen sharing for two people simultaneously which makes the meeting more interactive.
⦁ Dynamic functionality such as highlighting, blackboarding, and touchback is offered over an entire 4K panel.
⦁ Use automated start and rich collaboration functions for easy-to-use sessions.
⦁ Compatibility with numerous peripherals and electronic display devices.
⦁ It may be utilized as a standalone item or as part of a room for meetings, such as Microsoft Teams Room or Zoom’s platform Room.
⦁ It has a coverage area of approximately 30 m and a specific frequency spectrum extending from 2.4 to 5 GHz.
⦁ It is designed to function on the most recent version of Windows and the following variants, as well as Mac iOS.
⦁ The video stream is at 4K quality and features high-definition images.

ClickShare CX-50

The Barco ClickShare CX-50 is intended for big meetings for groups and places with a maximum size of 30 meters. When you join a conference room, ClickShare connects itself to conferencing equipment such as headsets with microphones, cameras, microphones, sound bars, and screens. It includes features such as:

⦁ Broadcasting of full 4K HD graphics and HD sound.
⦁ It is intended to work with every version of Windows (no below 10) as well as iOS and Mac.
⦁ It is compatible with desktop as well as mobile devices.
⦁ Cover a 100-foot area to make it easier for guests to grasp what is going on in the meeting.
⦁ For 5 years, XMS Cloud data and analysis service.

ClickShare CX- 50 Gen 2


Premium Conferencing quality: The ClickShare CX-50 2nd edition provides versatile wirelessly communication in high-impact conference rooms and executive offices. When you go into a space for meetings, ClickShare links you to conference devices such as cameras, microphones, participants, sound bars, and screens.

Start a conference from the computer using your favorite video calling platform in minutes. Make hybrid conferences simple for staff and guests alike by using the ClickShare Button or the ClickShare App.

Impactful collaboration:

⦁ Dual screens provide an engross accessible encounter by displaying people and information side by side.
⦁ Utilize it remotely or link it to an Ethernet connection for high-quality 4K video outputs.
⦁ Annotation, blackboarding, and touchback are collaborative components that can be used to improve cooperation.
⦁ For simpler-to-understand meetings, use automatic begin and extensive collaboration options.

Seamless user experience:

⦁ It is intended for corporate implementations and provides increased security as well as the broadest variety of computer and AV connections.
⦁ Compatible with a wide range of devices and digital display systems.
⦁ It can be used as an independent item or incorporated into any conference space, such as Microsoft Teams Room or Zoom Room.
⦁ With automated shifting from unified messaging mode to bringing Yourself Conference mode, you can effortlessly change across arrangements.

Best in the Industry:

⦁ A successful oversight system for maintaining, managing, and monitoring your ClickShare network.
⦁ The ideal tool for increasing the ROI of your meeting spaces.
⦁ It is simple to stay informed and act on alerts.
⦁ The safe atmosphere that protects your data

Barco ClickShare C-5 & C-10

Easy Teamwork: With the ClickShare wifi room gadget, you can instantly turn any area into a collaborative environment and engage in exciting, beneficial talks.

Simple Delivery: requirement for your notebook display in any place with the requirement of a wire. You can use either a symbol or a program.

Bring your computer in and use a single click to establish a connection to all the meeting room’s gear. Begin immediately by distributing with just one click.

Whatever the technology: Runs seamlessly in any Windows or Mac device. Each display can be connected, and any form of display replication can be employed. It might be employed as an electronic sign player to capture people’s attention, educate, and motivate them.


Using Barco ClickShare might look challenging to you at first if you are new to it. However,with this guide you can now easily understand how the entire system works and what are the available models. Stay tuned to our website for more such insightful blogs.

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