How Do I Run Multiple Operating Systems On A Laptop?

How do I run multiple operating systems on a laptop?

Before purchasing any laptop, you must check on the Operating System which will be operational in your system. An Operating System (OS) is the pivotal program that often comes pre-installed on a desktop or laptop and aids all other software to function on a laptop.

Nowadays, a large segment of new laptops come with OS operating systems pre-installed in them. Also, the best part is that it occupies a total of 88% of laptops in the market. It emphasizes that the popular operating system amongst laptop producers is OS because it supports fast and smooth operation.

Other operating systems active in the market are Linux and Chrome. However, Apple OS accounts for only 8.9% of the market, and figures for Linux and Chrome are even lower.

Earlier, the laptop didn’t come with an option of running multiple OS. Also, it was not possible to replace the existing OS too. That’s why you had no option but to remain satisfied with whatever you have got without getting ambitious with your OS.

But the scenario has changed today. You have the option of upgrading as well as installing a new OS on your system. These perks have allowed laptop users to customize the Operating System accordingly.

How to run multiple operating systems on a laptop? : A Guide

What will you do if you are unaware of the techniques using which you can run multiple OS on your system? Of course, you will get stuck with the only OS you have on your system pre-installed which might leave you frustrated. But what if we offer you a complete guide to run Multiple OS on your system at a time? Won’t that be bonus Information for you? Of Course, it will be. So, in this guide, you will uncover:

  1. How to install multiple OS on your system.
  2. How to run multiple OS on your system.

How Do I Run Multiple Operating Systems On a Laptop?

Now, when we have announced that you can run multiple OSes in your system. Then you might have been preparing for the same. So let’s proceed with the detailed information: Let’s begin with listing Dow some of the most ranking and common OSes which can be installed:

  1. Linux
  2. Windows 10
  3. Windows XP
  4. Android
  5. Windows 7

Including, there are many more on the list but Apple OS X doesn’t allow other OS to get installed in the system. However, you can install Apple OS X on any system you wish for.

The two common practices to install multiple OS on your system are:

  1. Dual booting Operating system.
  2. Virtualization

Dual booting Operating system

Dual boot refers to the process of installing two operating systems parallelly on a desktop. It means it will be installed in two different segments and you have to select one system each time.

So, whenever you boot your laptop, you will find an option of choosing the OS you want to use at that particular time. The positive aspects of this feature are that both OS are functional independently yet they can access all the files present on the system.

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However, it has a disadvantage in that you have to reboot your system each time you want to switch to an OS. Also, your new laptop might not support the older version of a particular OS. A few OS,  such as OS X, include an aboriginal translator that permits you to maneuver OS X software natively in the fresh OS.

If you desire to experience multiple OS as quickly as possible, then dual booting is the way to go, as it makes maximum usage of all of your laptop’s aids.

Steps to set up a dual boot

The generalized scenario in the dual boot segment which you will witness in the dual boot operating system is Windows and Linux. So no matter what you prefer to install, the process will remain identical.

You can go for a Windows OS because it is comparatively easier to install than installing a Linux Installation tool. Also, you can discover this tool online because it is a useful aid to boot your Linux OS. Another way is to Install multiple copies of the same Windows. It is easier too.

To begin with the Installation you need to shrink the existing partition first which your window is using from your hard drive currently. Then you can proceed with installing a new OS. Additionally, 3rd party apps like a refund are the Installation app you can find at SourceForge. It will let you make a choice between different OS you wish to boot up your Mac, you will see Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and other operating systems.

Dual-booting 2 Linux versions is the primary and simplest way to run multiple operating systems on your laptop.


Virtualization has a bit of twists and tricks and it could be a little confusing. If we put it simply, It occurs when another operating system runs within the “host” operating system environment, simulating the hardware used.

When you are running a virtual machine all you need to do is to boot your main OS, known as the host. And when you wish to use a different operating system then you have to just switch to another software by simply opening it. Also, it is more convenient than Dual booting Operating systems.

Also, you will discover many virtual machine solutions like VMware, Oracle VM VirtualBox, or even parallel to Mac. It will allow you to operate OS X and Windows in parallel.

Companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft now provide the concept of cloud-based Virtual Machines.

Final Thoughts

Finding precise input is the most crucial point. In the dearth of valid information, we end up making blunders or missing out on new functional features in our systems. Hence we have tried to compile the most righteous information on the OS, its installation, and Operations on your system. We believe that this information will aid you in advance. For more such informative content follow our updates.

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