Do Gaming Laptops Consume More Electricity?

Do Gaming Laptops Consume More Electricity?

Individuals who are purchasing gaming laptops and making sure to have the best core components, like headsets, ergonomic handles, desk lights, processors, etc, must pay a huge sum. Also, along with these, electricity bills are another significant topic. While purchasing any electronic gadgets or devices we often get concerned about One facet which is electricity consumption. Also, it is one of the primary deciding aspects which can push or pause a deal in electronic acquisitions. Similarly, if you are a gaming enthusiast and urge buying a gaming laptop or if you have already bought a gaming laptop and now you are wondering about its electricity consumption, then this blog is for you.

A gaming PC usually utilizes 10 times more energy than a traditional PC, which further makes owning this gadget dearer and costlier. Also, because of supplemental components of gaming laptops like higher refresh rate screens as well as extra room cooling and RGB lighting, further adds more figures to your energy bills. However, this situation is completely avoidable and you can ameliorate your energy bills while using your gaming laptop as per your requirement. But what are the major factors causing energy drainage? How can you reduce your electricity consumption in gaming laptops? We have answers to all such queries in this blog.

How to reduce the excessive power consumption of Gaming Laptop: A guide

According to the Australian Energy Marketing Commission (AMEC), a gaming laptop consumes around 200-300 watts of energy while in use. This unit might vary with the model and the components, but it can’t eliminate the fact that owning a gaming PC can be costlier than a regular PC. So how can you dodge this situation? We will tell you how. In this manual, you will learn:

✅What are the factors affecting the bills of Gaming PC?

✅ What steps you should take to reduce the electricity consumption of a Gaming PC?

How much power does a gaming laptop consume?

Usually when you compare the electricity consumption between a normal PC and a Gaming PC, then you will discover a striking difference. On one hand, the regular PC uses around 55 to 65 watts on average while a gaming laptop consumes somewhere between 165-190 watts. Also, these units will constantly go up if you add more high-performing hardware and other gaming components.

GPUs can be a major reason to add on power consumption in gaming laptops. Other than that, the processor, RAM, HDD, etc. can increase the bill up to 1500 kW/h each year. Let’s have a look at the components which are the major reason for power consumption on a gaming laptop.

Components causing increased power consumption in gaming laptops

Have a look at all the essentials of gaming laptops that further increase electricity consumption in a gaming laptop.


A screen with a higher resolution requires more energy to deliver the best output and graphics to the users. Similarly, a gaming laptop screen is usually available with 1080p HD, 2K, 4K, and 8K Screen sizes. This feature makes it more Power consuming and costly.

In some cases, some screens have far higher resolution and graphics which take more energy than the other laptops. For instance, a screen with 16″ height can use around 65-75 watts/per hour. Screens that are between 32-55″ consume around 150-175 watts/ per hour. Hence, you are required to choose your laptop’s gaming screen carefully because the higher the screen resolution, the more will be power consumption.


The performance of a GPU is directly proportional to the electricity consumption. The best-performing GPU can be the highest power-consuming unit on your laptop. To play high-end games on your laptop, you will require a high-performing GPU. Even laptops that are used for data-based work like Machine learning and Data Science, and Workstations also call for high-performing GPUs and use hardware like RTX 2080, 2070, or 2060 In such situations, cutting down electricity consumption becomes challenging.

Also, a powerful GPU requires additional powerful accessories like a CPU and Adapter. These units increase the bill further.


An adapter is the key power supply unit for your laptop. You have to have a good adapter to facilitate an adequate power supply to your laptop. So if your laptop is in the high-performance category, your adapter is bound to be a high-power supply system so that your system can get an adequate amount of electricity required. Also, you must keep your system as well as other peripherals updated so that your adapter can supply the electricity that is required to run the system properly because if your system is not updated then it might hamper power supply, thus affecting your system’s performance adversely.

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Known as the brain of the computer. It is a vital part of a desktop and laptop. Although the CPU doesn’t consume as much energy as GPU and Screen does, still it requires a good amount of energy to let the High-resolution screen and GPU perform their task well. Also, the In-house laptop for gaming laptops can be more efficient and can save tons of electricity while giving out the best performance. So it’s your call. You can get a CPU through manufacturers or you can build your own. In either case, the CPU doesn’t consume too much electricity.

Ideas to reduce your gaming laptop electricity consumption

If you are struggling with excessive power consumption, then you adopt a few techniques that might help you in reducing your electricity bill.

  1. Once your laptop’s battery is fully charged, then make sure to remove the charger.
  2. Don’t charge your battery excessively, it will reduce the battery life as well as increase your electricity bills.
  3. Make sure to charge when your battery is no more than 10%. Because if you overcharge, it will cost you more.
  4. Activate your cooling pad while charging. It will reduce overheating and overconsumption of electricity.
  5. Also, always connect to the original charger because it will save excess drainage of power.

Final thoughts

From the above blog, you must have identified the reason why the gaming laptop consumes more energy and how you can reduce its energy consumption as well as your electricity bill. For more such informative blogs stay tuned to our page.

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