How To Check Your Laptop Battery Model Number?

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The laptop battery model number is the embedded detail about the battery model, the laptop on which it should be installed, and the barcode of the manufacturing batch. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to get your hands on a new laptop or you already have one, you must know your battery number. It will help you save thousands if you are familiar with the laptop battery model number. It will become easier for you to find the right battery for your devices. This is also going to help you in making your hardware last longer than you expected.

5 Easy ways to find a laptop battery model number:

Individuals with non-technical backgrounds often face challenges searching for the laptop battery number. That could be both tiring and frustrating. Even if you are an expert with laptops and gadgets, the pre-read information comes in handy wherever you feel stuck or confused. Here we have 5 easy ways to check laptop battery model numbers. So let’s have a look.

How to check the laptop battery model number using system-generated information?

This method will make the entire process of finding the model number a piece of cake. When you look into the system, information is attached to the gadgets. You will come across a few numbers series. However, look for an alphanumeric number with a special character # which set this apart from the laptop’s model information. There’s also the easiest way using which you can get this battery model number in a few steps.

1. Enter a combination of from the keyboard.

2. A page will be downloaded with the information on the battery model and other hardware & Software.

3. You can also fetch this information using Google where all the information is listed by the companies beforehand.

The under surface of your laptop

How to check the laptop battery model number in the easiest way possible? Here’s your answer. When you flip your laptop, there is a sticker with all the information, and the laptop’s serial number and battery information is attached for quick reference. So you can simply refer to this sticker where a number sequence with a P/N in its beginning will deliver you the information about the battery model number.

Anteroom of battery (the battery compartment)

The battery compartment is yet another carrier of information related to the battery, its model, and the hardware which is compatible with the battery model. So in case you have lost your information sticker, or it has worn out because of rigorous usage, then you can refer to the battery compartment.

You can find this section near your screen hinge on the downside. You have to carefully pull out your battery by pulling the battery button and removing it from the system. A sticker on the battery under surface having several P/N, in the beginning, is the information you are looking for “Your battery model number.

If you cannot find the required information on the battery top, then the bottom case will come to your rescue. For this, you need to power off and then unscrew your system. There, at the bottom of the casing, the information will be accessible to the battery model number.

To answer your curious case about how to check laptop battery model numbers, we have this amazing shortcut that could be easily adopted by anyone to find your battery model number. Let’s see how we do it.

1. Find “Command prompt” in the start search bar

2. The app will start, then click on “Run as administrator”

3. Press: and click on Enter.

4. This will open a list of your laptop and battery model numbers instantly.

How to check the laptop battery model number by leveraging the help desk?

If you are looking for the most amicable and timesaving process on how to check laptop battery model numbers without investing excessive time and energy, then here’s the best catch for you.

All you have to do is to look out for the System Helpline number, which you can easily find if you have the software in your system. You just have to search with the laptop’s company name, for example, hp, Dell, etc., and go for the System Support Window.

This will enlist all the information about the system number as well as the battery model number and other additional information.

As an alternative, you can also drop an email to the customer support of My Laptop Spares at to check part no. / model no. of their laptop battery by providing all the required details.

Key Takeaways

1. Finding a battery model number is the easiest task if you know the right way. This is how to check the laptop battery model number.

2. The first way you can adopt to find information is through the System generated Information available on the laptop.

3. You can also refer to the downside of the laptop for your laptop and the battery model number.

4. Encase it is missing then pull out the battery from the battery case and look for your reference.

5. Using the command prompt is another best adaptive method you can use.

6. Also, taking the system help desk number can reduce your labor of searching battery numbers to a greater extent.

7. You can also drop an email to the customer support of My Laptop Spares at to check part no. / model no. of their laptop battery by providing all the required details.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

(Ques.) How do I find my laptop battery model number?

Ans: The most preferable method of obtaining battery model information is to power off your system and pull the battery out of the system and look into the details attached as a sticker on the battery itself. It carries information about the model number. So this is how to check the laptop battery model number.

(Ques.) Is it easy to find the laptop battery model number?

Ans: Yes, it is extremely easy to find your battery model number. All you have to do is to flip your laptop or pull out your battery. You can even take the help of support systems to retrieve this information.

(Ques.) Why do I need to find my laptop battery model number?

Ans: It is important to know your battery model name because it will help in getting the right replacement for the battery. In case your battery wears out or any damages occur during the warranty period, then this will help you get a new battery.




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