Wireless Presentation and Conferencing System: What system you must own for a hybrid work model

Wireless Presentation and Conferencing System

The core idea of the wireless Presentation system is to enable everyone to present their content wirelessly through the PC or laptop, Tablet or mobile phones, etc. This system is best suitable for a collaborative environment like a huddle space, meeting room, and conference room.

Also, apart from the regular meeting setups, these wireless conferencing systems are viable tools for different work modes like Hybrid and Remote meetings.

Numerous companies have Introduced their wireless conferencing system in different models. These systems are available for both small and large meetings. Additionally, you can purchase a model you want according to your team size or your meetings/business requirements.

In this blog, you will find information in detail about the wireless conferencing system you can choose for your use.

What is a Hybrid work model: challenges and opportunities

Post-pandemic the work model is quickly shifting from regular settings to remote and Hybrid work models. However, there are some challenges followed by the latter two working modes, where conducting meetings has become a highly challenging task. To counter these challenges, it is necessary to have a befitting wireless conference tool. But before that let’s understand the challenges faced by the individuals participating in the hybrid meetings.

Avoiding interrupting the speaker.

According to a survey, 33-34% of the remote participants who are engaged in the web meeting avoid talking because of the fear of interrupting the other speakers. This curtails the chances of taking everyone’s opinion and giving everyone a chance to speak up. To counter this situation You must correctly configure your conference rooms, including huge screens that allow you to see everyone attending the meeting in its entirety and a video conferencing camera solution that spotlights everything in the room.

Lacking video and audio cues.

Identifying voices isn’t an easy task particularly when you are participating in a meeting from a remote/hybrid setting. 32% of those taking part in a teleconferencing report being unable to see individuals and so lacking visual cues, while 29% reported being unable to recognize who is talking during hybrid conferences. Hence, you require a 360° Camera with a Speaker offering HD audio during the conference.

Difficulty in audibility

At times it happens when you find others struggling hard to listen to you during a meeting. This situation can occur in all kinds of meetings whether it is hybrid or remote. Also, the reason for this situation could be the internet connectivity or inappropriate tools used for the meetings. With 27% of those surveyed stating that their largest issue is not being heard, you’re not just feeling this way. Everybody in the conference likely feels the same way.

Confusing Technology

Dealing with technology is another task for the participants present in the meetings. At times participants find it hard to understand how to use certain software or a particular conferencing tool due to the lack of proper knowledge and training. This makes the conferences more challenging particularly in remote and Hybrid settings.

Feelings of disengagement

When the meeting is online there might be a feeling of disengagement due to the lack of physical interaction. To be honest it is one of the most common occurrences in hybrid and remote meetings. This issue intensifies when you don’t use the right tools and technological equipment for your meetings.

Connection Drop

Within the office, technical challenges cannot be avoided. 26% of in-person meeting attendees have connectivity issues! Some things are more aggravating than planning the ideal pitch, arriving halfway through the speech, and then discovering that you’ve been detached from the remainder of the audience for five minutes.
Wireless Presentation System: Why you need it for today’s work model

If you still have doubts about why you should use a wireless Presentation system then you must go through these points:

1. Multi-platform device

The wireless presentation systems are mostly plugged and play which can be used with any device. You can use it with all kinds of projectors and displays for your presentation with devices like Android, iOS, PCs, or Laptops.

2. Multi collaborative

For an easy and fluid presentation experience, many individuals can access the system’s functions at the same time. The system has a high level of involvement and is ideal for open-forum debates in conference spaces of any dimension. This feature makes wireless presentation systems more desirable and viable to use.

3. Wireless connectivity

Wireless connectivity is best for all kinds of presentations. It allows you to present within an area of 90 meters without any significant hassle. Also, there’s no need for additional cords and the problem of loose end connection because of the absence of cords and wires.

4. Streaming over all kinds of network

A Wireless Presentation Solution may accommodate both LAN and WiFi installations, as well as the dual connection mode. Participants, for example, may link via the business network whilst guests join wirelessly, each without jeopardizing corporate network safety. This is handy whenever a Wireless Presentation System is linked to a workplace network through Gigabit and attendees attend a conference to engage with clients at work.

5. Portable and compact

Wireless Presentation Systems are often tiny and sleek gadgets that are perfect for room-to-room use or concealment underneath an LCD monitor or projector. Although the system necessitates connecting cables to the display, network, and power outlet, users connect to it wirelessly and so avoid unneeded clutter.

6. VGA and HDMI Supported

While outdated ports such as VGA can still be found in corporate contexts, it is best to select a Wireless Presentation System that supports both analogous (VGA) and modern (HDMI or DVI) connections. Though VGA can potentially deliver a 1080p signal, monitors and projectors with VGA connections are becoming increasingly scarce. HDMI screens are the most efficient and future-proof technique for achieving the clarity of the input.

7. Centralised Management

Numerous presentation systems come with a centralized control where the host can control and manage the screen having multiple participants. The platforms include custom web-based interaction software that makes it simple to monitor demonstrations from multiple participants. Attendee inputs can be handled via touch control on the monitor or a mouse, giving consumers an easy way to reorganise a presenter’s panels.

8. Hotspot enabled

The best part about these tools is that they are hotspot enabled. More than 254+ participants can connect with these devices without having the cord connection required. It can be either connected with Bluetooth or over the wifi without any hassle.

Multiple USB ports to connect the room camera and speaker phones directly in the Wireless Conferencing System to avoid any cables between the laptop and the room peripherals and integration with the cloud video conferencing platforms to enable clickshare button to recognise the room peripherals and use them without doing any application settings.

How to choose the best Wireless Presentation System:

Every company requires the best presentation system for their business. But before you jump onto the decision of picking up a presentation system for you. Keep a checklist in mind and then proceed with the purchase.

⦁ Is your firm capable of managing presentations from several speakers in real-time?

⦁ Do you spend a large amount of time ensuring that meetings with numerous people present and communicating content at the same time function smoothly?

⦁ Do you perceive an inherent lag between sessions when using different devices?

⦁ Is it possible for numerous users to quickly change between feed displays on your current system?

Once you evaluate the answer to these questions. Only then think about making a switch to the new wireless presentation system.

Some best Wireless Presentation System solutions

Here we are listing the contemporary and most advanced presentation systems solutions which will enhance your presentation experience in your upcoming meetings. You can easily compare and choose the right presentation tool for you.

Barco ClickShare C-5 & C-10

#Braco has introduced one of the best Wireless Presentation tools recently named Barco ClickShare C-5 & C-10. This tool has some unbeatable and unmatched features which will enhance the presentation experience. The listed features are:

Fully BOYD: ClickShare works with any kind of device. Attach your laptop by pressing the ClickShare Pushbutton or using the ClickShare Software. Apps for mobile devices or projection of screens (AirPlay, Google Cast, or Miracast) are used to link handsets and ipads.

Seamless Collaboration: With the ClickShare wireless room apparatus, you can transform any space into a collaboration room instantaneously and experience stimulating, productive conferences.

Easy Presentation: Demonstrate from your personal computer in any space sans the need for a cord. You pick whether to use a button or an app.

One-click experience: Bring your laptop in and swiftly link to the room’s equipment. Begin in moments with one-click sharing.

Tech agnostic: Works well with the gadget you have, whether Windows or Mac. Links to any screen and supports any screen replication technology. As an electronic signage player, it can be used to attract attention, educate, and encourage.

Ready for Corporate Use: It is an IT-friendly, ISO27001-certified system that is safe, interconnected, and cloud-managed. A total of five years of insurance, accessibility to data analytics, and periodic updates to the software are all included. For your peace of mind, SmartCare is incorporated. ROI has been demonstrated.

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Crestron AirMedia

#Crestron Airmedia is one of the leading brands presenting Wireless presentation systems solutions for all kinds of businesses. The models are designed to support the contemporary hybrid work environment. The solutions Introduced by Crestron Airmedia are not only affordable but go well with today’s office set up which is prominently working in either hybrid or remote settings. The available tools by Crestron Airmedia are:

⦁ AM-3100-WF
⦁ AM-3100-WF-1
⦁ AM-3200
⦁ AM-3200-WF
⦁ AM-3200-WF-1
⦁ AM-3000-WF
⦁ AM-3000-WF-1

BenQ Instashow

⦁ Plug In for Immediate Sharing: It is a hardware-only technology that is suitable to show in seconds after being inserted into a desktop or tablet. Ideal for visitor-hosted meeting spaces.

⦁ There is no need for an app or application. It has two immediate buttons for huddle areas and collaboration spaces, removing the requirement for IT support and the security risk involved with loading third-party programs.

⦁ Swap Presenters with a Click – provides efficient conferences with easy innovation that allows you to switch presenters by simply pushing the button on the wireless transmitter that you wish to display on the screen.

⦁ Reliable Encryption for Corporate – protects conferences from WiFi surveillance and recording by utilizing AES 128-bit SSL encoding and WPA2 protocols for authentication.

⦁ Seamless Media and Pristine PowerPoints- Each emitter has a dedicated video button that optimizes videos for seamless playback without compromising network traffic.

Kramer VIA

Kramer VIA is another seamless and preferable solution for a Hybrid workspace. Let’s understand what it has to offer to its users.

⦁ It is just a click away and you can connect it to any device like PC, Laptop, or Tablet and you can start presenting.

⦁ It helps in collaborating with a team both onshore and offshore. Best suitable for Hybrid and Remote meetings as well as huddle meeting spaces.

⦁ You can stream your Videos at 4K quality which gives a clear and unbeatable Visual experience to the participants.


Now that we have brought you information on the best wireless presentation systems available in the market. You can now pick up your wireless presentation systems based on your requirements. So, no matter what requirements you have, just go through this blog and pick your best fit. Also, for more such blogs stay tuned.


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