Which Parts Of The Laptop Can You Replace?



The modern generation laptop comes with many price variations to make them accessible to everyone. The major difference between the basic and the advanced version of the laptops is the number of features, soft-wares, hardware, etc. The price difference is huge between the laptops and it does not feel reasonable to a lot of buyers so they just buy the basic versions and replace their parts such as graphics, storage, keyboard, etc. Many people do this replacement to save money while others do this to have the customization, which even the highly-priced laptops cannot provide. People who love online gaming or hardcore computing activities such as coding need customization in terms of a lot of things.

People usually outsource highly advanced graphics and processors because the total cost of buying them is reasonable for them rather than buying an expensive laptop. Even laptops that feel outdated can also be turned into new ones just by making some minor changes to the replaceable components of the laptop. Customization and affordability are forcing many component makers to manufacture more to meet the rising demand for replaceable components.

The Real Question

Which Parts Of The Laptop Can We Replace? We know after reading the above content the thought of knowing what can be replaced in your laptop will be coming to your mind no matter whether you bought a new laptop or want to make changes to the old one. It is important to the parts that can be replaced so that you can get the perfect replacements for them. You also need to understand whether or not replacing a certain component is worth it or not. You have to understand whether or not replacing a certain component will bring a massive change to performance and appearance. Even get this clear which parts are available for replacements because the feature of replacement varies from brand to brand. For Example, You can’t make many modifications and replacements for Macbook by Apple whereas you can make replacements in brands like HP, Dell, ASUS, etc.

For people who are just replacing the components to make their old laptop look and perform like a new one then check that is it worth replacing the components. You may have to buy a new laptop if replacing components is not bringing much change to the performance and is worth equally buying a new laptop.

So which parts of your laptop can you upgrade?

Many components of a laptop can be replaced but the main components replacing which you can optimize the performance and increase your productivity. The basic replaceable components are hard drives, memory drives, battery packs, video cards, etc.

Let’s discuss what to look at to understand whether or not these components are replaceable in your laptop.

The Storage Capacity of the Laptop

Much low range laptop comes with no additional Solid State Drive (SSD) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD). The latest versions don’t even use HDDs anymore because the read and write time of an HDD is comparatively very less than an SSD.  People who have large data files require a high-quality SSD with a nice storage capacity to work efficiently. Installing an SSD in your laptop removes all the lags and program running failures because an SSD uses chips to store data which makes the process fast. People who do heavy gaming online also can’t rely just on HDD to have an uninterrupted gaming experience. SSDs are the latest and the best way to replace old drives which were getting used to store data.

The Memory Capacity of the Laptop

RAM which stands for Random Access Memory is a very crucial thing that you should be concerned about if you do a lot of multitasking and play big games that need nice memory capacity to get instant responses from your laptop. If your old laptop is not working properly and is lagging a lot while at work you need to give the RAM a check and replace it with 4 GB RAM. If you already have 4GB RAM processing your laptop activities then switch to 8GB RAM which is good for multitasking and playing high response rate games.

Many new-age laptop brands are 8GB RAM which is sufficient for the laptop and you cannot go beyond that because to increase the RAM capacity of your laptop you also need to increase the capacity of your central processing unit (CPU) and the graphics processing unit (GPU). The CPU and GPU mostly come soldered with the laptop and it is not possible to replace them

The Replaceable Battery Packs

The earlier generation laptops came installed with a branded battery which can be easily removed by unlocking the lock clips placed at the bottom of the laptop. These batteries were easily replaceable when they stopped working and were not able to produce the standby time they were used to when they were new. Any person can place an old laptop battery with a new one easily in the earlier generation laptops.

But the modern generation laptops come with a battery which is often soldered or put inside of the laptop. It is almost impossible to replace the batteries in modern generation laptops without any professional expertise. Whenever you face a problem with the batteries in your latest laptop be ready to get the battery either replaced by a professional or ready to buy a new laptop.

The Replaceable Video Card

Certain laptops that are used to produce high-quality videos and games need high-quality video cards and an option to replace them with much higher-quality video cards whenever required. These laptops are used by video producers and are often found on their work tables. These are manufactured especially for people who do heavy video processing and are made on custom orders. The owner of these laptops needs to contact the manufacturer for this because without customized requests it is not possible to replace the video cards.

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Final Thoughts

We explained Which Parts Of The Laptop Can We Replace and you can get them replaced easily all by yourself or by a professional if required. Hope you found this helpful. Check out our other blogs to learn valuable information about tech and stay updated.


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