Top 10 Keyboards to look in 2022

Wireless Keyboard for Laptop

Whether most of the letters of your keyboard have got broken due to your hard typing habit. Perhaps you are facing serious jamming issues, or you have fallen for the newly launched keyboards, whatever the reason is, but buying a new keyboard is definitely a good idea. After all, the keyboard is one of the most integral parts of the computer system. It helps you communicate, convey and connect your thoughts with the World. It can be a tedious task to choose the best keyboard from both gaming, programming, and productivity perspective. We have researched different keyboards and here we bring top-notch recommendations. 

So, brace yourself, here we begin:

1.  HyperX Alloy Origins: Looking for something really special for gaming? HyperX Alloy Origins should be your foremost choice. It has earned a great reputation among gamers due to its compact design, multi-level adjustment, and incredible RGB lighting. This keyboard comes with three levels of height adjustment. You can choose what fits you the best. So, if you are strictly focused on gaming, then this one is recommended for you.

2.  HP KM300F Gaming Keyboard : This keyboard is exclusively built for gamers. Its stylish design and full-sized membrane backlit feature make it super extraordinary. With the HP KM300F Gaming Keyboard, you don’t have to worry about its maintenance. The integrated metal panel is scratch-resistant and doesn’t rust easily.

3.  Dell Multimedia Keyboard : Dell wired keyboard offers convenient keyboard solutions for everyday purposes. The keyboard enables comfortable typing. Thanks to its multimedia keys that allow quick actions and commands such as play, fast forward, rewind and pause including volume control. Its compact size makes the keyboard portable for travel purposes too. 

4.  Lenovo Keyboard : Looking for a basic USB keyboard to get your daily official work done seamlessly? Think about Lenovo Keyboards. Its affordability, durability, and uninterrupted connectivity to the PC make it perfect for daily use. Not just professional working, but with Lenovo Keyboard, multimedia controls, watching films or listening to music have also become more convenient. Its three-zone layout with a numeric keypad is an extra feature that allows easy number crunching.

5.   Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard: Want to upgrade your keyboard with sleek designs and experience an awesome typing experience? Well! Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard is all about. It’s a full-sized keyboard with dimensions 16.9 x 4.9 x 0.6 inches and weighs less than a pound. There is enough space between keys that don’t let your fingers feel cramped.

Though it is made for Windows computers, it also gets connected to Mac. It has a total of 18 hotkeys, that is meant for multimedia controls and managing search, screen lock, pause, print screen, and battery check. If you are willing for a pleasant seamless transition in terms of keyboards, then this can be your best pick. 

6. Vortex POK3R: It’s a mechanical keyboard that is compact and customizable. Apart from its interesting appearance and small size, the keyboard is extremely programmable. It has an atypical design. The switches are mounted on the top of the keyboard, instead of being embedded. This design enhances its distinct aesthetics and makes it look super classy. 

7.  Cosmic Byte CB – GK – 10 Corona Wired Gaming Keyboard: This magnificent piece of technology comes with a wired USB interface. It is specially made for programmers with 19 anti-ghosting keys. It comprises four brightness adjustments that make it convenient for users to work peacefully. Its key life is more than 10 Million keystrokes, making it long-lasting for use.  

8.   Dell Wireless Keyboard : Raise your productivity level with the Dell wireless keyboard. Its convenient multimedia allows you to easily access functions such as play, rewind, fast-forward, pause, and volume controls. This keyboard is ideal for home and office environments. Working on Dell wireless keyboard is never tiring. Thanks to its palm rest feature. Its wireless connection lets you stay away from wire management and keeps your workplace neat and clutter-free. 

9.    Redragon Dragonborn K630 RGB: Do you feel restricted when it comes to desk space? Then, this keyboard is ideal for you. Its small size gets adjusted easily even within a limited space. All keys are macro programmable and its customizable RGB backlighting increases your vision to work or game even if there is complete darkness in the room.

10.    Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard: Last, but not least, this keyboard is one of the most versatile keyboards as it is compatible with each and every Bluetooth-compatible device, including a mobile phone. Built-in a solid frame and stability in keys, it allows good typing speed. Its quiet typing lets you work in the open or with a team without any hesitation.  and makes it best suitable for open environments. 

This is the complete list of affordable keyboards for PC as per the current market. You can choose the one as per your use & choice and make your life super easy. Cheers to new beginnings and embark on a refreshing journey!

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