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Lapgrade Acer Aspire 5810T, 5538, 5536 Series Laptop KeyBoard

  • Product: Laptop Internal Keyboard
  • Condition: New
  • Layout: QWERTY (Standard) US
  • Language: English
  • Backlit: No
  • Colour: Black
  • Warranty: 3-month carry-in warranty to be provided by My Laptop Spares

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If you are facing a problem with your existing laptop keyboard either with some specific keys or the complete keyboard has stopped working, Lapgrade’s high-quality internal keyboard should be your first choice. We provide a wide range of laptop keyboards for different makes & models of laptops/notebooks. It also comes with 3 months replacement warranty. These laptop keyboards are 100% compatible with the laptop’s respective make & model no. 

Please check the list of compatible models and in case your laptop model is not listed, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support with the make, model no. & a picture of your existing keyboard.

Compatible Parts:
V104702AK3PO, V104702AS3, V104702AS3UI, V104730AK, V104730AK1, V104730AS1, V104730B, V104730BK1, V104730BK1GR, V104730BS1, V104730BS1RU, V104730DS3UI, V104746AK3, V104746AS1, KB.I170A.055, KB.I170A.056, KB.I170A.059, KB.I170A.072, KB.I170A.074, KB.I170A.083, KB.I170A.155, KB.I170A.157, KB.I170A.164, KB.I170A.166, KB.I170A.171, KB.I170A.172, KB.I170A.174, KB.I170A.228, KB.I170G.165, KB.I170G.187, KB.I170G.197, KB.L170A.172, KB.T170A.172, KB170A055, KBI1703083, KBI170A172, MP-09B23A0-6983, MP-09B23U4, MP-09B23U4-6983, MP-09B26D0-6983, MP-09B26DN-920, MP-09B26E0-442, MP-09B26E0-6983, MP-09B26F0-6983, MP-09B26GB-442, MP-09B26GB-6983, MP-09B26I0-6983, MP-09B26P0, MP-09B26P0-6983, MP-09B26TQ-442, MP-09B26TQ-6983, MP-09B36D06442, MP-09B36E06920, MP-09B36I06920, MP-09B36P06920, MP-09B36TQ6442, MP-09G30B0-698, MP-09G30B0-6981, MP-09G33A0-698, MP-09G33A0-6981, MP-09G33C0-698, MP-09G33C0-6981, MP-09G33RC-698, MP-09G33RC-6981, MP-09G33SU-698, MP-09G33SU-6981, MP-09G33T0-698, MP-09G33T0-6981, MP-09G33U4, MP-09G33U4-698, MP-09G33U4-6981, MP-09G33U4-920, MP-09G33US-698, MP-09G33US-6981, MP-09G36A0-698, MP-09G36A0-6981, MP-09G36AF-698, MP-09G36AF-6981, MP-09G36BR-698, MP-09G36BR-6981, MP-09G36C0-698, MP-09G36C0-6981, MP-09G36CK-698, MP-09G36CK-6981, MP-09G36CZ-698, MP-09G36CZ-6981, MP-09G36D0-698, MP-09G36D0-6981, MP-09G36DN-698, MP-09G36DN-6981, MP-09G36E0-698, MP-09G36E0-6981, MP-09G36F0-698, MP-09G36F0-6981, MP-09G36G0-698, MP-09G36G0-6981, MP-09G36H0-698, MP-09G36H0-6981, MP-09G36I0-698, MP-09G36I0-6981, MP-09G36J0-698, MP-09G36J0-6981, MP-09G36K0-698, MP-09G36K0-6981, MP-09G36L0-698, MP-09G36L0-6981, MP-09G36M0-698, MP-09G36M0-6981, MP-09G36N0-698, MP-09G36N0-6981, MP-09G36P0-698, MP-09G36P0-6981, MP-09G36PA-698, MP-09G36PA-6981, MP-09G36Q0-698, MP-09G36Q0-6981, MP-09G36R0-698, MP-09G36R0-6981, MP-09G36S0-698, MP-09G36S0-6981, MP-09G36SU-698, MP-09G36SU-6981, MP-09G36T0-698, MP-09G36T0-6981, MP-09G36TR-698, MP-09G36TR-6981, MP-09G36U0-698, MP-09G36U0-6981, MP-09G36V0-698, MP-09G36V0-6981, MP-09G36W0-698, MP-09G36W0-6981, MP-09G36X0-698, MP-09G36X0-6981, MP-09G36Y0-698, MP-09G36Y0-6981, MP-09G36Z0-698, MP-09G36Z0-6981, MP-09H23U4-698, NK.I1713.02L, NK.I1713.03M, NK.I1717.00V, NK.I1717.04H, NSK-AL001, NSK-AL006, NSK-AL00A, NSK-AL00E, NSK-AL00F, NSK-AL00G, NSK-AL00R, NSK-AL00S, NSK-AL00U, NSK-AL01A, NSK-AL01D, NSK-AL10E, NSK-AL10F, NSK-AL10G, NSK-AL10R, NSK-AL10S, NSK-AL10T, NSK-AL10U, NSK-AL11D, NSK-AL11K, NSK-AL12M, NSK-ALA0E, NSK-ALA0F, NSK-ALA0G, NSK-ALA0R, NSK-ALA0S, NSK-ALA0T, NSK-ALA0U, NSK-ALA1A, NSK-ALA1B, NSK-ALA1D, NSK-ALC06, NSK-ALC0A, NSK-ALC0U, NSK-ALC1A, NSK-ALC1B, NSK-ALC1D, NSK-ALK0F, NSK-ALK0R, NSK-ALK0S, NSK-ALK0T, NSK-ALK1D, NSK-ALL0Q, NSK-ALL0R, NSK-ALQ06, NSK-ALQ0A, NSK-ALQ0F, NSK-ALQ0R, NSK-ALQ1A, NSK-ALS0H, NSK-ALS1D, NSK-AMK0U, NSK-AN006, NSK-AN00E, NSK-AN00F, NSK-AN00R, NSK-AN01A, NSK-AN01D, NSK-AN01N, NSK-AN02M, NSK-AUQ1D, NSK-AUS1D, PK1309F2002, PK1309F2004, PK1309F2010, PK1309F2013, PK1309F2016, PK130AE1000, PK130C91100, PK130C91112, PK130C91116, PK130C92A00, PK130C92A04, PK130C92A10, PK130C92A25, PK130C93A00, PK130C93A02, PK130C93A07, PK130C93A08, PK130C93A13, PK130C93A16, PK130C93A17, PK130C93A19, PK130C94A00, PK130C94A12, PK130C94A17, PK130DQ2A09, PK130L93A12, PK130PI1A00, SG-52500-2EA, SG-52500-2TA, SG-52504-XUA, SN7105A, SN8101, 90.4CD07.C0G, 90.4CD07.S0F, 90.4CD07.S0G, 90.4CD07.S0R, 90.4CD07.S0S, 90.4CD07.S0U, 90.4CD07.S1D, 90.4CD07.S1F, 90.4CD07.S1K, 90.4CH07.C0U, 90.4CH07.S06, 90.4CH07.S0E, 90.4CH07.S0G, 90.4CH07.S0R, 90.4CH07.S0S, 90.4CH07.S0T, 90.4CH07.S0U, 90.4CH07.S1A, 90.4CH07.S1B, 90.4CH0T.S10, 90.4HV07.S06, 90.4HV07.S0F, 90.4HV07.S0G, 90.4HV07.S0S, 90.4HV07.S0T, 90.4HV07.S0U, 90.4HV07.S1D, 904HV07S1D, 9J.4CH07.S0T, 9J.4CH07.S0U, 9J.N1H82.001, 9J.N1H82.006, 9J.N1H82.00A, 9J.N1H82.00E, 9J.N1H82.00F, 9J.N1H82.00G, 9J.N1H82.00R, 9J.N1H82.00S, 9J.N1H82.00U, 9J.N1H82.01A, 9J.N1H82.01D, 9J.N1H82.12M, 9J.N1H82.A0E, 9J.N1H82.A0F, 9J.N1H82.A0G, 9J.N1H82.A0R, 9J.N1H82.A0S, 9J.N1H82.A0T, 9J.N1H82.A0U, 9J.N1H82.A1A, 9J.N1H82.A1B, 9J.N1H82.A1D, 9J.N1H82.K06, 9J.N1H82.K0A, 9J.N1H82.K0F, 9J.N1H82.K0R, 9J.N1H82.K0S, 9J.N1H82.K0T, 9J.N1H82.K1D, 9J.N1H82.K1K, 9J.N1H82.Q06, 9J.N1H82.Q0A, 9J.N1H82.Q0F, 9J.N1H82.Q0R, 9J.N1H82.Q1A, 9J.N1P82.K0U, 9J.N2382.00R, 9J.N2B82.006, 9J.N2B82.00E, 9J.N2B82.00F, 9J.N2B82.00R, 9J.N2B82.00S, 9J.N2B82.00U, 9J.N2B82.01A, 9J.N2B82.01D, 9J.N2B82.01N, 9J.N2B82.02M, 9Z.N1H82.10E, 9Z.N1H82.10F, 9Z.N1H82.10G, 9Z.N1H82.10R, 9Z.N1H82.10S, 9Z.N1H82.10T, 9Z.N1H82.10U, 9Z.N1H82.11D, 9Z.N1H82.11K, 9Z.N1H82.C06, 9Z.N1H82.C0A, 9Z.N1H82.C0G, 9Z.N1H82.C0R, 9Z.N1H82.C0U, 9Z.N1H82.C1A, 9Z.N1H82.C1B, 9Z.N1H82.C1D, 9Z.N1H82.L00, 9Z.N1H82.L0Q, 9Z.N1H82.L0S, 9Z.N1H82.L1D, 9Z.N1H82.S0H, 9Z.N3M82.Q1D, 9Z.NH182.L0G, AEQL1Y00010, AEZK6B00010, AEZK6F00010, AEZK6I00110, AEZK6N00010, AEZK6P00010, AEZK6Q00010, AEZK6R00010, AEZK6T00010, AEZK6T00110, AEZR7400010, AEZR7700010, AEZR7E00010, AEZR7G00010, AEZR7N00110, AEZR7P00010, AEZR7R00010, AEZR7S00010, AEZY8700010, AEZY8B00010, AEZY8D00010, AEZY8E00010, AEZY8F00010, AEZY8I00010, AEZY8K00020, AEZY8N00010, AEZY8R00010, AEZY8T00010, AEZYDR00010.

Compatible Models:

  • Aspire 5810
  • Aspire 5810T
  • Aspire 5810TG
  • Aspire 5810TZ
  • Aspire 5410T
  • Aspire 5536
  • Aspire 5536G
  • Aspire 5738
  • Aspire 5738G
  • Aspire 5810TZG
  • Aspire 5538G
  • Aspire 5542
  • Aspire 5542G
  • Aspire 5538
  • Aspire 7738
  • Aspire 7738Z
  • Aspire 7738G
  • Aspire 5739
  • Aspire 5410
  • Aspire 8935
  • Aspire 8935G
  • Aspire 8940G
  • Aspire 7735
  • Aspire 5410T
  • Aspire 7740
  • Aspire 7740G
  • Aspire 5739
  • Aspire 7736
  • Aspire 5738
  • Aspire 7540


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Can I fit a backlit keyboard in place of my normal keyboard?


- If your laptop doesn't support a backlit keyboard then you cant.


- No, we don’t sell individual keys or repair faulty keyboards. The best solution is to replace the complete keyboard itself


- All the laptop keyboards sold here are covered under 3 months warranty. You need to bring your keyboard to any of the manufacturer support centers to get the warranty repair/replacement

- If you have any doubt with respect to compatibility, we suggest you check the compatibility with us before ordering. Our team provides guided assurance on compatibility.

- Please refer to our return & cancellation policy.


- That depends on the location. However, generally, the order is processed & shipped on the same working day if received before 10 am.


- If you place the order for a laptop keyboard online at www.mylaptopspares.com and are based in Delhi NCR or Bangalore, then we can help you replace the laptop keyboard at our support centers in Delhi and Bangalore