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Lapgrade Battery for Lenovo Ideapad B480 B485 B490 Series

  • Battery Voltage: 11.1V, Battery Capacity: 4000mAh, No of Cell : 6
  • BIS Certified product ensures standardization and quality of product.
  • Thick Color box packing & anti-static packing of battery ensures safety of product.
  • High Grade cells to ensure maximum performance, high quality & long lifetime. Over Current & voltage protection feature protect the charging device in your Laptop from getting high current and voltage.
  • 1-year replacement warranty.

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Lapgrade battery manufactured by seasoned staffs that are familiar with the battery industry and has a passion for innovating, developing and bringing next generation products and technologies to the market. High quality chipset technology protects the motherboard and battery from short circuit.Please check your battery part number or Laptop Models to ensure you are getting the correct battery for your laptop Use “Ctrl” + “F” to find your models.Every piece of Lapgrade Battery for Lenovo Ideapad B580 B585 B590 Series have been tested and validated to ensure safety and maximum performance of your Lenovo Ideapad laptop.

Compatible Models:

  • LENOVO Thinkpad Edge E430,e435, E530, E535
  • Edge Series Edge E430 (14inch HD, VGA + HDMI) 3254,
  • Edge E435 (14inch HD, VGA + HDMI) 3256,
  • Edge E530 (15.6inch HD, VGA + HDMI) 3259,
  • Edge E535 (15.6inch HD, VGA + HDMI) 3260,
  • E431(6277, 6886), E531(6885, 6887)
  • Lenovo B590 / Bolt IV,
  • Lenovo B490 / Bolt IV (Win 8),
  • Edge E430c,
  • Edge E530c,
  • LENOVO B480 Series
  • LENOVO B485 Series
  • LENOVO B490 Series
  • LENOVO B580 Series
  • LENOVO B585 Series
  • LENOVO B590 Series
  • LENOVO M490 Series
  • LENOVO M495 Series
  • LENOVO N580 Series
  • LENOVO N581 Series
  • LENOVO N585 Series
  • LENOVO N586 Series
  • LENOVO P580 Series
  • LENOVO P585 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad B480 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad B485 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad B490 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad B580 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad B585 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad B590 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad N580 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad N581 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad N585 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad N586 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad P580 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad P585 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad Z480 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad Z485 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad Z580 Series
  • LENOVO IdeaPad Z585 Series


Compatible Parts: K43, K43A, K43G, K43P, K43S,L11L6F01, L11L6R01, L11L6Y01, L11M6Y01, L11N6R01, L11N6Y01, L11P6R01, L11S6F01, L11S6Y01, 45N1048, 45N1049, 45N1042, 45N1043, 121000675, L08M6D22, L08M6D23, L08M6D24888013102, 0B58693

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