How To Identify And Replace A Dead Laptop Battery

How To Identify And Replace A Dead Laptop Battery


A battery is that one component of a laptop that needs to work properly and when it does not work properly it affects your overall productivity a lot. Whenever there is any malfunction with the battery, many issues start arising such as sudden blackout of the laptop screen and laptop not working without being connected to charging. Such issues are very irritating when you have to have some important work to do and you are outdoors unable to find a charging spot nearby

There can be various reasons for your laptop battery not working properly but the important thing is to identify whether or not the problem is with your laptop battery and if there is any problem then how to replace the laptop battery. You will understand why this is important for you to know and what exactly to do to solve this problem.

Why is important to identify and replace a dead battery

Identification and replacement of a worn-out battery are necessary because that not only lowers your laptop’s overall performance but also causes inconvenience whenever there is some work to be done on priority and you are unable to do it because your system keeps on getting shut down. Identification of a battery not working properly is easy if you continue reading this blog where you will learn more about it.

What are the ways by which you can identify

To identify a malfunctioning laptop battery all you need to be sure that there is no problem with any other component of the laptop so that you can do the following to check if there is a problem with the laptop battery:

Your battery will drain fast

When your laptop battery starts creating issues the first thing that will help you identify is that your laptop battery will start to drain faster than ever. Your laptop will operate on low brightness because of the low battery level and you will need to constantly plug in the battery charger to continue working on your laptop. This usually happens when you overcharge your battery and leave it plugged in for charging more than enough.

You will face uncertain power failure

Laptop battery failures result in the sudden blackout of the display screen and all of your running activities on your system get erased because there is no power for the system to run. This sudden shut down of the screen can be the result of your laptop battery not able to store power without being plug-in. If you face this problem again and again after removing your laptop from charging, it is better to get the battery replaced with a new one.

Your windows will report to you about battery issues

Whenever your battery starts creating issues and does not work properly as it should, the latest version of windows is installed on your laptop while detecting the issue and alerting you about it. Windows do not alert you about it all the time but whenever it does you should get the battery checked and replaced at the earliest because using this battery for a longer period will reduce the performance capacity of your laptop and will also waste your time a lot.

The rise in temperature of the laptop

The sudden rise in the temperature of the laptop while working and typing on your laptop can be caused by a faulty laptop battery. This rise in temperature heats the components of the laptop and there is too much lagging while operating the laptop. This lagging problem only resolves when the system cools down. To avoid your time getting wasted just because of overheating of the device replace the battery immediately.

Time since the day of installation

It is also necessary to replace the battery if you have been using it for a very long time and now it has started to give problems to you. If you face any issues discussed and also find that you bought the laptop battery around 5-6 years ago then just find a better compatible laptop battery and get it replaced. Remember to dispose of the old battery properly so that it does not affect the environment.

If Your Battery Is Dead Then How to Replace it

If you are successful in identifying the problem with the laptop battery the next step is to get it replaced. Proper replacement of the laptop battery is necessary to get a better experience from your device. For replacing the laptop battery, follow these steps:

Check if the battery is internal or external

New-age laptops are coming installed with internal batteries which cannot be removed by just opening some lock clips. The earlier version of a few laptops comes with external batteries that are easy to remove and replace with a new one. So it is better to check and if the battery is internal then you can easily go on and buy an internal battery for your laptop.

If it is internal then get it changed by a professional

Find a professional expert who can easily change your laptop’s internal batteries so that there are no other issues with your laptop internally with any sort of wire connections

Why compatible batteries are an option for replacement?

When are looking for a replacement for your laptop battery there is no better option than Lapgrade’s compatible batteries. The reason behind suggesting Lapgrade’s compatible batteries are a lot but to mention some of them for you are:

Performance just like the original one

Lapgrade’s compatible batteries are better than the original ones because they have an equal battery life just like the original ones. One of our suggestions for such kind of a compatible battery is here.

More affordable than the original ones

Lapgrade’s compatible batteries are the most affordable option with the same qualities as the original batteries which makes them a choice for everyone’s laptop. For one of the most affordable batteries by lapgrade click here.

Final Thoughts

So whenever you face any issues related to laptop battery this blog helps you identify the problem and resolve it by replacing the battery. Replacing the battery with compatible options will save you a lot without even compromising the quality of the battery. Hope you found this helpful. Check out our other blogs to learn valuable information about tech and stay updated.

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