Best Noise Cancellation Headsets: Headsets to Increase Focus

Headsets to Increase Focus: Best Noise Cancellation Headsets


Headphones have now become a necessity for most people since the beginning of the pandemic. People wanted crystal clear voices without any noise from the background during the team meetings. The feature of noise cancellation used to come in very high-range headphones earlier but now due to a sudden increase in the demand by consumers, brands have started designing new headsets with the latest technology features such as noise cancellation in low-range headphones also. The brands are investing more in research and development to fulfill all the needs of the consumers and match the current trend of the market.

Best Noise Cancellation Headset features help you to be more focused on your work and increase productivity by avoiding all the distractions happening while you work from anywhere in the world. The noise-cancellation headphones make your business calls efficient and help you be more focused on your work.  Even companies that support work-from-home culture recommend their employees use noise-cancellation headphones while working on their computer at home so that their focus does not shift from work due to any distractions in the background.

There are even headphones out there designed for working with unified communications apps and have certification for usage with Skype for business and are more optimized for Microsoft Lync. Headsets are also getting designed especially for gamers who want to devote their complete attention to their game without any noise in the background. Noise cancellations are the need of the hour for every person who wants to be more productive, and more focused while being at work.

The Best Noise Cancellation Headphones for Increased Focus

There are a lot of Best Noise Cancellation Headsets features available on the market but all of them are not perfect. Perfect noise cancellation headphones are those which not only have noise cancellation features but also have a long-lasting battery life, sound quality, and cushioned earcups to ensure comfort for the listener’s ears.

Here is a list of some of the best noise-cancellation headphones selected for you. All the features and advantages of buying these headphones are discussed below:

Lenovo Legion H300 Noise Cancellation Headphones

Every gamer’s choice is Lenovo Legion H300 when they need a premium noise cancellation headset which gives every gamer a premium experience of gaming because of the stereo sound immersion which helps you, deep dive, into your game.  The microphone retracting feature, control volume-inline feature along with noise cancellation makes it a perfect choice among noise-cancellation headsets. The PU leather earcups give you the maximum comfort possible for the ears of the listeners.

The H300 suspension headband and the unique look of the headphone make it stand out in the crowd. The headphones are compatible with windows 10, Mac OS x 10.5.X  or later, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and  Nintendo Switch. The current price of this headset is Rs.2,999/- which is reasonable for a premium product.


Sony claims this headphone to be the industry leader in noise cancellation because these headphones use two processors to control 8 microphones and an auto noise cancellation optimizer for detecting and eliminating any noise coming from the outside. The biggest advantage is the supercharging feature because of which the headphones get 3 hours of playback within 3 minutes of charging. This Rs.32,999/- headphone is loaded with features such as crystal clear sound, hands-free calling, Alexa voice command, and an easy way of switching between devices for better multitasking. The instant play and pause feature pauses your music whenever you take off your headphones and automatically starts when putting them back on.

Apple AirPods Max

The latest Airpods Max from Apple is the best-in-class noise cancellation headphones in the market as claimed by Apple. We know Apple makes outstanding products loaded with exclusive features but all of that comes at a really high cost. These Airpods Max have the Apple H1 processor which makes the output quality of the music exceptional. The spatial audio of the headphone along with dynamic head tracking gives you a theatre-like experience. With the 20 hours long-lasting battery life and the slim smart case for keeping the headphones safe, all these features come at a cost of Rs.59,000 which is a very expensive option for most people. But for the people who can afford this headset, it is the best option available with the most features loaded on it.

Razer Barracuda Pro Wireless Headset

The Razer TriForce bio-cellulose 50mm drivers with an upgraded design to improve the soundtrack quality, reduce the noise coming from outside, and produce deep bass music. A perfect choice for employees who opt for the work-from-home option as these headphones come with a very powerful noise suppression which ensures crystal clear conversations between the speaker and the listener. For gamers, this is also the perfect headphone because of the 2.4GHz high-speed instant switch feature which helps you multitask and switch gaming screens instantly. The 40 hours optimized battery life makes it a good choice for a long-lasting uninterrupted experience which comes at a cost o Rs.20,999/-.

Bose QuietComfort 35

Bose QuietComfort 35 comes with three-level noise cancellation which makes sure that you don’t miss any word of your conversation in any background condition. People who love augmented reality and virtual reality gaming need these headphones the most because they are an innovative version designed to make AR and VR experience memorable. The hassle-free Bluetooth pairing with devices along with personalized settings as per your preferences makes this headphone a good choice for everyone. The bose app also gives the latest updates for the software of the headphone which keeps the headset up to date in terms of technology. The headset comes at a price of Rs.29,999/- which makes it a good id-range noise cancellation choice for the listeners.

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Final Thoughts

All five noise cancellation headsets explained above are a perfect buy depending on everyone’s personal preference and budget. You don’t need to look around any further to find the worthy noise cancellation wireless headset. Hope you found this helpful. Check out our other blogs to learn valuable information about tech and stay updated.


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