Best Laptop With Dedicated Graphics Under 50K



Your hunt for the best laptop with dedicated graphics under 50k ends just right here. The graphics of a laptop help a lot in operating high graphics programs. People who love gaming require a graphics card in their system to play the advanced games out there. Graphics card also allows users to run high-picture-quality movies on their laptops, and even some advanced soft-wares also need dedicated graphics in the system to operate effectively.

 We will tell you about some of the Best Laptop With Dedicated Graphics Under 50K and what will help you determine it’s the best. You will also learn more about the specification, advantages, and disadvantages of owning every one of these laptops, along with their listed price online. All this will help you make a wise decision before buying a laptop online. You can save a lot of money by making a wise decision.

Understand the basics to determine the best laptop

To select one of the best laptops with the best quality graphics under your budget of Rs.50, 000, you have to be clear with all the things that will enhance your experience with your new laptop.

Display Screen of Laptop

Selecting a display screen, big in size and clear in resolution is very important if you want to see the full potential of your dedicated graphics in the system. If you want to watch a lot of movies on video recordings on your laptop, you need to have a screen with better resolution quality. For gamers, it is important to have a fast refresh rate to take quick action in their game.

The Amount of Memory & Storage Available

It is also crucial for you to understand the difference between SSDs and HDDs and how much RAM is required by your laptop to perform the tasks you want from your system. SSDs and HDDs help your system to access and process the data stored in different locations on your drive. They increase the random read/ write speeds and the system’s loading speed.

Size and Design

Everyone wants a laptop that is easy to carry and use whenever and wherever they want. A portable and compact size laptop is easy to carry around. Still, if you want to do some advanced-level gaming, you need to have a heavy laptop with good RAM, a big screen, and a better cooling system for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

The Different Types of Ports

There are different types of ports available for different types of connections such as high-speed connection cords, cords for connectivity with external storage, and connections with audio systems.

The TOP 4 Best Laptops with dedicated graphics under 50K

If you are one of those highly concerned people who care about their graphics a lot because you can’t compromise on your gaming experience and have a tight budget, then just select one of the below-discussed laptops. We are sure that you will never regret your decision.

Dell Inspiron FHD Laptop

The Full HD backlit anti-glare display, 15.6 inches in size along with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 is a completely good-to-go option for you. The laptop uses AMD ryzen 5 family processor along with the graphics of AMD Radeon Vega 8. The processor runs at a speed of 2.1 GHz. The laptop is backed with 8 GB DDR4 RAM along with a storage capacity of 1 TB HDD + 256 SSD. This laptop comes with pre-installed windows 10 and has a battery life of 6 hours.

The Pros & Cons of This Laptop

The major pro of this laptop is that it comes with a good quality TrueVision HD camera along with an integrated dual array digital microphone. The laptop also comes with a good storage capacity. The only con from our perspective is that it does not have an optical drive. The price at which the laptop is currently listed is Rs.49, 000/-.

HP 15 10th Gen Laptop

This laptop comes with an FHD SVA anti-glare micro-edge display which is approx. 15.6 inches in size with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. For processing, this laptop uses an Intel core i3 processor and also has dedicated Intel UHD graphics. The processing speed is 2.1 GHz and the laptop is backed with 8 GB RAM DDR4-2666 SDRAM along with a storage capacity of 256GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD + 1 TB 5400RPM HDD. The laptop comes with pre-installed windows 10 and has come with 8 hours of battery life.

The Pros & Cons of This Laptop

One of the biggest advantages of this laptop is the outstanding gaming performance that every gamer wants to have. Its upgradeable RAM option also gives the reliability of easy upgrading whenever required by a gamer for the latest advanced level gaming experience. The laptop has a lower comprehensive warranty on the product and no optical drive option which is a little disadvantage. The price at which the laptop is currently listed online is Rs.46, 500/-.

Dell Vostro 3400 Laptop

Dell Vostro is a good-to-go option if you are a beginner in the field of gaming.  The 14-inch LED-backlit anti-glare display screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution is a fantastic option for beginners. The laptop uses dedicated Intel UHD graphics along with an Intel i5 processor. The processing speed of the laptop is up to 4.1GHz backed with 8GB DDR4 RAM along with a storage capacity of 1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD.

The Pros & Cons of This Laptop

The amazing HD LED-backlit anti-glare display, superb TrueVision HD camera, and crisp audio quality with dual array digital microphone make this laptop a perfect choice. The 6 hours battery life seems to be average as compared with others. The price at which the laptop is currently listed online is Rs.37, 490/-.

Acer Aspire 3 Laptop

Acer Aspire 3 laptop is the best option for any person who wants the most of their laptop which is ranged under Rs.50, 000/-. The 15.6-inch backlit TFT LCD with 1920 x 1080 resolution is the best screen available out there. The dedicated Intel integrated UHD graphics combined with Intel core i5-1135G7 make it the ideal choice for gamers for an uninterrupted gaming experience. The processing speed is approximately 4.2GHz and also comes with 8GB RAM DDR4-2666 SDRAM. The storage capacity is 1 TB 5400 RPM SATA HDD which is massive and removes all problems of storing big data.

The Pros & Cons of This Laptop

Acer Aspire 3, the 11th generation laptop is sleek and compact in design which allows the user to easily carry it around. The Intel core i5 processor makes the processing speed fast while maintaining the laptop temperature. This help gamers play games without worrying about overheating issue. The optical drive and no SSD storage is the only problem with this laptop but this is the best option out there. The price at which the laptop is currently listed online is Rs.49, 999/-.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned laptops are a great option out there for anyone who wants to buy a laptop with dedicated graphics under Rs.50, 000/-. It depends on your needs, budget, and preference on what to buy but the laptops discussed above. You can easily go online and check these laptops’ availability and order them.

Hope you found this helpful. Check out our other blogs to learn valuable information about tech and stay updated. Post your queries in the comment below. We’ll be happy to answer those.


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