Best Bluetooth Speakers: Our Top 5 Picks

The Best Bluetooth Speakers: Our Top 5 Picks


If you are a music lover, a Bluetooth music speaker is a must-have for you wherever you go. Whether it’s about the house party, romantic date nights, or even enjoying the sunset at the beach, a Bluetooth speaker can make the moment memorable with high-quality sound. Finding the perfect Bluetooth speaker sounds easy for you but it is not as easy a task as it seems to be. Selecting the perfect one from the collections of so many brands out there is a very serious task and you need to be careful about your selection. To make this easy for you we have created this blog with our top 5 picks from all the perfect Bluetooth speakers available on the market.

The basis on Which We Picked These Top 5

With more than two thousand models out there and it is not easy to choose one from thousands of such speakers and is also very time-consuming. To make the selection easy for you we have kept the following points in mind while picking these top 5 picks for you.

Battery Life

Battery life is a very crucial feature that music listeners look for in a Bluetooth speaker. No one wants an interrupted experience while listening to music and if the interruption is caused because of battery then it feels very irritating. Everyone wants a speaker which comes with longer battery life to enjoy music without being worried about the battery.

Water Resistance Level

It is very important to know the water resistance level of the speaker before you head out for the pool party you and your friends for so long.  A water-resistant Bluetooth speaker will help you play your music without being about your speaker because of water.

Extra Features

Bluetooth should also be packed with extra features such as portability, connectivity options such as connecting with other speakers to create a home theatre-like experience, and a built-in lighting system to help you rock the party.


At last, the factor that matters the most is the price of the Bluetooth speaker. The price of the speakers is justified if the speaker comes packed with different features and is also affordable for the listener. The competition between various brands is very tough and to win that competition brands are developing low-range Bluetooth speakers with high-quality music.

The List of Our Top Picks

Bluetooth speakers have become the new cool thing for all music lovers. Companies producing audio speakers are focusing more on research and development of new Bluetooth speakers so that they can fulfill the needs of the ideal consumer. They are making constant changes in design, quality, Bluetooth range, and connectivity options such as connecting two speakers to produce a home theatre system-like sound for the listeners. To be in trend they are designing speakers which look cool and latest in technology.

JBL Charge 5

The JBL Charge 5 is a unique selection for people who love to organize parties. The speaker comes with similar features to both the JBL Xtreme 2 and JBL Flip 5 and stands as the combination of both features. The high-quality sound just like Xtreme 2 and the ease of carrying it around just like the Flip 5 makes it one of the best Bluetooth speakers by JBL. The Bluetooth speaker gives a 20-hour-long battery life and the as it is mentioned in the name JBL Charge 5, you can even charge some of your devices because the speaker comes with USB-A output.

The current price of the Bluetooth speaker is Rs.16,999/- which is an affordable price for a speaker packed with great features.

Boat  Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker

A powerful Bluetooth speaker equipped with dual 14W speakers that produce deep bass and crystal clear sound. It’s a shock-resistant speaker because of the durable silicon built and the matte finish offers it a long life. It is a good option if you organize too many pool parties because of the IPX5 rating for resistance against water. The 3000 mAh battery giving it a battery life of 8 hours is the best option if someone is looking for a cheaper option with basic features and sound quality. The current price of the product is Rs.2,499/- which makes it the best deal available at this price.

Sony SRS-XB23 Wireless Speaker

The best Bluetooth speaker for extra bass lovers is this Sony SRS-XB23 wireless speaker. The deep and punchy bass of this speaker is made by the dual passive radiators inside that operate in full range and also enhance the low–end tones. You can also have a stereo sound experience since this speaker has the feature of connecting with other speakers. It also comes with a built-in microphone that helps you to have a hands-free high-quality conversation with friends or a conference at work. The battery life supports 10 hours of extra bass and high-quality sound so that you can party without any hesitation. The current price of the Bluetooth speaker is Rs.8,990/- making it a fantastic deal for a Bluetooth speaker loaded with so many features.


This compact in size speaker uses the Partyboost feature because of which you can connect up to 100 compatible speakers made by JBL to have a stereo sound experience and enhance the listening experience. The racetrack-shaped woofers deliver exceptionally low frequencies and mid-range tones. On the other hand, the tweeter produces crisp higher frequency tones. The IP67 waterproof technology makes it easy to carry around water and dust without being much concerned about the speaker.

The current price of the speaker is Rs.11,946 which makes a good deal.

Bose Soundlink Micro Speaker

The Bose Soundlink Micro is the best compact portable speaker available right now in the market. No one can expect the crisp quality sound and unmatched bass from such a small speaker. The compact-size Bluetooth speaker is packed with so many features such as inbuilt speakerphones to help you take hands-free voice calls and you can also access Siri and Google Assistant with it easily. This compact size Bluetooth speaker with a connection range of up to 9 meters and up to 6 hours of playtime comes at a cost of Rs.10,900.

 Final Thoughts

Every wireless Bluetooth speaker mentioned above is a perfect buy depending on every person’s personal preference and budget. You don’t need to look around any further to find a worthy wireless Bluetooth speaker. Hope you found this helpful. Check out our other blogs to learn valuable information about tech and stay updated.

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