Audio-Conferencing Speaker Phones at Best Price in India

Audio-Conferencing System at Best Price in India

Audio conferencing can be considered one of the basic and widely adopted conferencing tools used for both personal and professional use. Since the last few decades, Audio Conferencing has been a leading technique of organizing meetings between two-three, or more participants at a time using audio tools/platforms only.

In today’s scenario Audio conferencing is equally in demand as Video Conferencing for conducting team meetings and managing conferences overseas. Numerous audio-unified communications solutions can be complemented by a variety of online tools and features, such as screen sharing, team messaging, and meeting recording, which increases the value of audio meetings.

Audio conferencing Category

When it comes to the audio conferencing tools, you first have to determine their usage. There are usually 3 common types of audio conferencing and each type requires different tools based on the area it has to cover.

Audio Conferencing is categorized into three parts:

Remote Conferencing

This mode of Conferencing is used to connect multiple participants from different locations in a single meeting. The best part is that irrespective of the location or the time Zone, you can conduct the meeting easily.

LAC: Local Audio Conferencing

This mode of conferencing connects multiple attendees within a single space (conference room or meeting room).

IAC: Integrated Audio Conferencing

Integrated Audio Conferencing is designed to bring together both offshore and onshore teams in a meeting.

Challenges of Audio Conferencing

Just like any tech support, Audio-Conferencing Speaker Phones becomes challenging at times. Particularly when you try to conduct group meetings, there are certain challenges that you face, which are as follows:

The Audio at times lags during the meetings, sometimes because of the network and sometimes because of the inadequate tool used for the Conferencing purpose. To eliminate this issue, you need to check both your connectivity as well as the quality of your Audio Conferencing tools.

Background noise: Make sure your Audio Conferencing phone has the call cancellation feature because when you conduct a call, it often picks up noise from your surroundings which makes the whole meeting experience chaotic and unpleasant.

Difficulties in muting: Your Audio Conferencing tools should have a mute feature. It is crucial especially while you are conducting group meetings. Being unable to mute can create noise and confusion during the meeting.

Perks of Audio Conferencing System

Although in this Era of Technical Advancement, Video Conferencing is making its mark more prominent. However, there are certain advantages of an Audio Conferencing system that you must know, before you move to choose your mode of Conference for your next meeting:


It is an economic alternative to face-to-face meetings. Also, you don’t need some high-end tools for conducting the meeting or conference. Just a little investment can help you organize an impactful meeting.


Irrespective of the number of participants and their location, Audio Conferencing can bring a large team together easily just in a moment.


Audio voice-over is a versatile mode of communication. It is suitable for a variety of meetings, including company meetings, online training, and meetings of the board.


Audio conferencing is a dependable mode of communication. It has fewer tech problems than all the other kinds of interpersonal toolkits, such as videoconference. Furthermore, audio GoToMeeting is a simple means of communication. It’s easy to set up and use.

Additional benefits of Audio Conferencing

Apart from the above-mentioned perks of Audio Conferencing, there are a few more that you must know. It might further convince you to opt for the Audio Conferencing tools rather than other available tools.

⦁ You can easily mute the attendees with just one keypad click. It makes the conference noise free.
⦁ You can record your meeting as an Audio archive and use it for future reference.
⦁ It cuts the cost of traveling, thus making it economical.
⦁ You can share the data immediately for quick revision and rectification and seek real-time feedback.

Audio-Conferencing Speaker Phones at Best Price in India: A guide

When you are looking for an audio conferencing option, you need to make sure that you are investing in a product that can give you the best ROI.

Here we have assembled some of the best Audio Conferencing tools at the prices you can ever find. Once you will go through the below section of this blog, you will find

📍List of all the best and most affordable Audio Conferencing tools.

Audio-Conferencing Speaker Phones at Best Price in India: Options available in the market

Here you will find a list of Audio Conferencing tools for your use with their quoted prices. So that you can tally each of the products against each other and make a sound purchase.

AMX ACV-2100 Acendo Vibe Conferencing Sound Bar

#AMX ACV-2100 Acendo Vibe Conferencing Sound Bar is designed solely for professional conferencing and large meeting spaces. Its features involve:

⦁ It has JBL Sound connectivity for crystal clear sounds and enhanced performance.
⦁ Designed for today’s work requirements it works according to the modern-day workspace architecture and fits the standard of today’s work requirements.
⦁ Acendo Vibe makes use of HARMAN’s audio expertise, including incorporated JBL speaker systems, far-field sound systems, and Digital signal processing algorithms, to help ensure that everybody in the room listens and is audible.
⦁ It also has Bluetooth connectivity which allows wireless connectivity with the system.
⦁ Acendo Vibe has focused on sound inputs and outputs for integrating it alongside additional room devices, like hearing-enhanced system applications.

Price: INR 54,785

Polycom SoundStation2W (Expandable) Wireless Voice Conferencing

#The SoundStation2 analog meetings device is best suited for small to medium-sized spaces with seating for up to ten participants, providing incredible performance and call quality for better and clear, and much more constructive conferences.

⦁ You can connect this with PBX with any of the analog extensions for clearer sound quality.
⦁ It works with almost all hardware and software conference devices.
⦁ It is portable, hence you can carry it everywhere, which means you can carry your meeting anywhere as per convenience.
⦁ Easy installation and hassle-free management.

Price: INR 22,691

Audio Conferencing System – Yealink CP960

#Price: INR 58,000

The features of the Yealink CP960
has some stunning services to provide. It includes:

⦁ New design and structure which sets best with your office infrastructure.
⦁ It has a 6-meter and 360° audio pickup range so that none of the participants miss the chance of listening.
⦁ It has built-in wifi for wireless connection (Works from 2.4Hz to 5 Hz).
⦁ It has a multi-purpose screen with 4K resolution.
⦁ Have a built-in 3 Microphone array and works well with Android systems.

Price: INR 64,400


#The Tabletop speakerphone- PSE0540 PROis one of the most affordable yet top-notch audio conferencing tools which is also a must-have for all professional meetings. The features include: 4 microphones are used. It has a Ring arrangement. Also, it has a Digital silicon microphone. The audibility limit is 29 decibels. It can record the voice up to 6ms. It also offers Horizontal 360° recording coverage. The battery is 2800 mAh. It can perform up to 10 hours once fully charged. It takes around 3 hours to get fully charged. Also, USB-C 2.0 connectivity is provided. This speaker supports macOS 12, Windows 10, and other latest versions of Windows.

Price: INR 34,110



Philips launched a new range of wireless speakers which are one of the best suitable tools for both small and medium Audio Conferencing meetings.

The speaker has 4 Microphone arrays with a sampling rate of 48KHz/24bit. Also, it has a noise sensitivity of 29dBFs and picks up the Audio/Voice between the 6m – 10 m range. Additionally, it offers a Horizontal radio angle of 360°. Other features include a Signal-to-noise ratio: of 65.5dB Louderspeaker variables: 10W*1 Bluetooth- USB compatibility- Sound intake is enabled; sensor arrays are available for output.- Interaction mode backed- Full-duplex with echo suppression & active noise minimization- Port endorsed- USB2.0*1/mini*4

Price: INR 31,600

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#Another stellar Audio Conferencing tool launched by Philip is its 5W X 4 SPEAKERPHONE-BT-PHILIPS PSE0501. It is not only affordable but has the power of taking your Audio Conferencing experience to the next level. It offers some of the unbeatable features at a very affordable price. The perks include:

⦁ Six microphones are used.
⦁ Has Ring arrangement
⦁ Digital silicone mic type.
⦁ The sensitivity of the mic is -29 decibels
⦁ Recording range: around 6 m / up to 12 persons
⦁ Horizontal 360° recording coverage angle
⦁ The signal-to-noise ratio is 65 decibels.
⦁ Full duplex communication mode
⦁ Li-ion batteries are used.
⦁ Battery capacity: 500 mAh
⦁ Time of operation: up to 10 hours
⦁ Time to charge: 4 hours
⦁ USB-C 2.0 connectivity is provided.
⦁ macOS 12, Windows 10, or the latest version of Windows and Mac is required.

Price: INR 63,460


Now that we have assembled all the best in the town Audio Conferencing tools with their prices enlisted alongside them. You can now easily pick up the best Laptop Spare Parts Online at the best price for your use. We believe that you find it useful and for more such productive content stay tuned to your website.

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