13 Ways to Maintain and Extend the Life of Your Computer

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 Life has become so dependent upon electronic devices like – Computers. It is so hard to imagine our lives without them. We use computers for doing office work, ordering daily essentials, chatting with old friends and what not! As our World exists around computers, therefore it is our utmost responsibility that we take proper care of them. 

So, here we have come up with thirteen essential computer tips to let your computer last longer with powerful performance:

1. Software efficiency: When you use outdated programs for a longer period of time, your computer becomes sluggish. Therefore, it is important to maximize your computer efficiency by updating software with its latest versions. 

2. Update anti-virus: Viruses easily enter into your network through infected files, and this, in turn, can potentially harm your data and files. You may even suffer the loss of precious data which can bring a devastating impact on the productivity of your work. However, scheduling weekly anti-virus checks will make sure that your systems remain safe.

3. Maintain RAM space: RAM, Random Access Memory allows the computer to read data instantly. This increases the speed of the computer system. Therefore, pupils must clear cache memory from time – to – time and remove unwanted browser extensions. In case, you are not clear about removing programs that eat your RAM space, then you can seek professional help.

4. Defense against malware: Most of the hackers usually use malware that attacks the victim’s computer. They send malicious emails to the victims and try to hack their desired files and programs. If you ever think that the computer has become slower than ever, then you should get an alert because there are possible chances that your computer is being infected with malware. So, think twice before opening email attachments or downloading anything, limit file–sharing, and never trust pop-up windows that push you to download software. Also, visit only reputable websites for online shopping. Don’t go after a brand that you have never heard of. 

5. Remove junk – files: You must be storing certain files on your computer that have been unused for a long time. They are taking up space more than you realize. So, before your computer gets to the point for begging more storage space, you must delete those files, empty the recycle bin, and run disk cleanup software. 

6. Get into the habit of organization of data: Downloading and making new files are the part and parcel of working on the computer. But due to laziness or being occupied with work, people don’t organize the files. Some files are saved in C Drive, some in E drive, or a few remain on the desktop. It is really important that you must regularly go through different folders and maintain their files in an orderly manner. You can follow some of the given tips and get your way to better functioning of files and folders. 

  • Create main folders: Firstly, you should maintain a primary folder. For example – Suppose, you are a Freelance content writer, then you must maintain different folders for different clients. 

  • Create sub-folders: Within your large primary folders, create small folders to let your files be categorized by their functionality or content. 

  • Place recent downloads in their respective places: Develop the habit of storing recent downloads in their proper folders.

  •  Clear you’re desktop: Get rid of saving everything on your desktop, especially those that you don’t instantly require.

  • Opt for meaningful file names: When you click on the “Save As” option, don’t rush to type any file name that makes you difficult to remember and search for whenever needed. Instead, come up with a file name that is easy to remember and indicate what the document is all about.

7. Shut down properly: Never go for a shortcut to shut down your PC i.e. pressing the screen button or CPU button or main switch directly. Instead, follow all the steps to turn off your computer. Click on the “Windows” icon on the left, then click on “Power” and finally choose the “Shut down” option. 

8. Use strong passwords: When it comes to computer maintenance, updating your passwords becomes a crucial task. Keep on changing the passwords timely. In order to update strong passwords, use at least 10 characters, use a combination of uppercase and lowercase, and include both special symbols as well as numbers. A strong password will definitely help save your data against potential third-party hackers. 

9. Clean keyboards regularly: There are innumerable things that can clog your keyboard like -dust, food crumbs, and everything that results in a sticky or difficult-to-press button. Hence, one must ensure that the keyboards are regularly cleaned. Don’t use a harsh cloth to clean the keyboard. Microfiber cloth is the perfect cloth to wipe off the dust from the keyboard.

10. Spill-proof your system:  Avoid keeping drinking liquids near your workspace and if you are in a habit of sipping water or juices while working, then make sure that you store it in a bottle and close it tightly using a lid. You can use keyboard covers to keep your keyboard free from accidental liquid spills.

11. Organize cords properly: When we set up a computer system, we never pay attention to the conditions of cable wires. They get detangled badly and that’s when their wear and tear starts happening, ultimately damaging the working of the computer system. A Desktop cable organizer is the best tool to keep your cords untangled in your home and offices. 

12. Backup data: Life is unexpected and so is our modern system. Sudden crashes and hardware failure have the potential to damage the data existing in your PC. That’s when backing up files becomes essential. 

13. Ventilation: Make sure that your computer has proper ventilation because it helps limit the amount of heat generation from the machine’s long – term use. Cooling plays an extremely important role in enhancing the longevity of your system.  

You invest your hard earned money in buying a computer. Don’t get it wasted with your negligence. Follow the computer care tips and keep your computer well maintained and secured. Explore our products at My Laptop Spares.

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